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Ojo Toolkit

Welcome to the Diabetes and Healthy Eyes Toolkit

The Diabetes and Healthy Eyes Toolkit provides community health workers with tools to inform people with diabetes about diabetic eye disease and maintaining healthy vision. The toolkit has a flipchart that is easy to use in community settings and can be incorporated into existing diabetes classes or information sessions. It is available in English and Spanish.

Learn more about the Toolkit

Learn to use the Toolkit

This online training course is available to help you learn how to effectively use the Diabetes and Healthy Eyes Toolkit. It takes approximately an hour to complete. The training will help you:

  • Identify eye complications related to diabetes.
  • Describe what people with diabetes can do to protect their vision.
  • Use the flipchart and other support materials to deliver an educational session.

It is recommended that you order the toolkit before taking the online training course. This will allow you to refer to the materials as they are described.

See the Toolkit in action!

Watch the video of a community health worker sharing her experience using the Diabetes and Healthy Eyes Toolkit as part of her diabetes education program.

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