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  Download Instructions for Images  




1. With cursor over image, Right-click the image.

2. On the shortcut menu that appears, select "Save Image As ..." (Navigator) or "Save Picture As…" (Explorer) to save the image to your computer desktop

3. In the Save In list box, select Desktop.

4. Click “Save� to save the image to your Windows desktop.

5. This saved image can then be opened in a graphics program such as Microsoft Photo Editor, Paint, PhotoShop, etc. resized and printed out. If you are using Microsoft Word, you can create a new document, from the insert menu that is located at the top of your navigation bar, choose picture, from file…and locate the file you saved to your desktop and insert that file. The file will then be inserted into your document. You can then go to the file menu and choose print.


1. With cursor over image, hold down mouse button and choose appropriate command for saving the image.

Note: If you save the image from the thumbnails page, you will save the thumbnail-size file. To save the larger comping view click on any thumbnail to bring up its larger version and then save that.