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New Year Edition of E-Verify Connection

The January issue of the E-Verify Connection is now available. Read about the new User Friendly E-Verify Employer Database, find answers to your E-Verify questions in the updated E-Verify Questions and Answers, and find out how you can order the new free Employee Rights Tool Kit DVD/CD. Read Issue 11 of E-Verify Connection.

Mississippi RIDE Update

On January 17, 2013, E-Verify began confirming information on Mississippi state identification cards.  If a new employee presents the state-issued identification card as a List B document for Form I-9, you will be required to enter additional information into E-Verify.  The verification of the identity card information is similar to the current Driver’s License process.  Mississippi and Florida driver’s licenses and state identification cards verification helps strengthen the integrity of E-Verify.  Mississippi was the first state to join the E-Verify RIDE in June 2011, with Florida joining in December 2012.  Visit our website for more information Driver’s License Verification.

New E-Verify Enrollment Page

The new E-Verify Enrollment page links you to a variety of resources that will help as you make your decision to enroll in E-Verify.  You can even view the video How to Enroll in E-Verify. Thinking about enrolling in E-Verify? Find what you need to know by visiting the new E-Verify Enrollment page today!

E-Verify Online Employer Search Tool Available

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is replacing the lists of E-Verify employers and federal contractors that previously appeared on the E-Verify Website with a brand new online search tool.

The E-Verify Employer Search Tool, which gives the public the ability to search and view E-Verify employers, includes exciting new features. Individuals can now search, filter, sort, and export employer results and view employer information by name, state, city, zip code, and workforce size.

Launch the E-Verify Online Employer Search Tool.

Update to RIDE

Florida is the newest state to join the Records and Information from DMVs for E-Verify (RIDE) Program. RIDE helps to reduce document fraud and boosts the accuracy of E-Verify employment verifications. On June 13, 2011, USCIS launched RIDE. This feature allows the E-Verify Program to validate the authenticity of driver’s licenses presented by employees as Form I-9 identity documents. Mississippi was the first state to partner with USCIS to implement RIDE.

Learn more about Driver’s License Verification

New E-Verify Questions and Answers

E-Verify has redesigned Questions and Answers! The new Questions and Answers provide information to current participants that specifically relates to their role with E-Verify and important topics that may affect their organization. In addition, this new resource includes frequently asked questions and information that is needed before you enroll in E-Verify.

Last updated: 01/31/2013