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Low Vision

Outreach Opportunities:
Community Activities

Join other health centers, medical professionals, businesses, employers, and citizens across the country who are helping people learn about low vision and vision rehabilitation services. Every effort helps people with low vision make the most of the vision they have. Visit the secure NEI publications catalog to find educational materials for your eye health education program or activity.

  • Distribute eye health materials in places where older people and their families, friends, and caregivers gather. Help inform people about vision rehabilitation services and devices. Include contact information for vision rehabilitation services.

  • Enlarge print PSAs to use as posters and display in waiting areas at healthcare centers, clinics, hospitals, courtesy vans for older people, community centers, and libraries. Use the print PSAs in your organization’s publications.

  • Display information about low vision and vision rehabilitation after faith services or at social events. Demonstrate visual and adaptive devices at these events.

  • Encourage local health educators to incorporate information about vision rehabilitation services and devices into their existing programs, particularly those serving older people.

  • Ask your state agency that serves the visually impaired or your local vision rehabilitation agency to suggest a spokesperson who can give a speech at civic, employee, cultural, faith, and fraternal group activities.

  • Record radio PSAs to play for callers while on hold at healthcare centers, clinics, and hospitals. Play them over your audio system.

  • Arrange for the parks and recreation department to provide lighting for playing fields so that people with low vision can exercise safely. Have volunteers available to walk with people who need assistance.

  • Use inserts in prescriptions, paychecks, utility bills, bank statements, and shopping circulars to remind consumers to encourage people in their lives who may have low vision to talk to their eye care professional.

  • Issue a proclamation about the importance of helping people with low vision. Proclaim “Vision Rehabilitation Outreach (Day, Week, or Month).”

  • Set up a vision rehabilitation exhibit at your local library. Arrange with a vision rehabilitation service provider to demonstrate visual and adaptive devices.

  • Host events that can raise awareness, like a walking tour, mini-golf tournament, car wash, bicycle ride, or a chess tournament.

  • Invite local organizations that provide vision rehabilitation services and/or visual and adaptive devices to participate in health fairs sponsored by your shopping center or business.

  • Participate in events and activities sponsored by local vision rehabilitation organizations.

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