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¡Ojo con su visión!

Outreach Opportunities:
Community Activites

Use these ideas to develop eye health education activities in your community.

  • Arrange for eye health to be the topic at a group meeting, charla (presentation or talk), or another community venue for learning and sharing information within the Hispanic/Latino community. These can be scheduled activities that take place in community centers, worship centers, senior centers, health clinics, libraries, and even in people’s homes. Local community leaders will know when and where these activities take place.

  • Distribute eye health information at pot luck suppers, community feasts, athletic events, or bingo nights.

  • Encourage local businesses (bodegas [neighborhood convenience stores] and grocery and music stores) to participate in eye health programs by distributing the brochures, hanging a poster, or promoting your activity.

  • Encourage a person who can provide transportation to team with someone who does not have transportation. People providing transportation can remind their teammates when it is time for an eye exam.

  • Conduct special outreach to Hispanics/Latinos at health fairs, health clinics, and health observances:

    • Encourage directors of local Hispanic/Latino health education programs to incorporate eye health into existing programs.

    • Develop in-service training seminars on Hispanic/Latino eye health at medical clinics and health and social service agencies.

    • Ask hospital representatives to include information about Hispanic/Latino eye health in medical continuing education programs.

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