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Virtual Colonoscopy: Are We There Yet?

Virtual Colonoscopy

To commemorate March as National Colon Cancer Prevention month, this edition of BenchMarks focuses on potential new screening methodologies for the early detection of colorectal cancers. An interview with Ernest Hawk, M.D., chief of Gastrointestinal and Other Cancers Research Group at the National Cancer Institute (NCI), covers colorectal cancer screening tools and compares and contrasts colonoscopy (or optical colonoscopy) with virtual colonoscopy.

Striking a Healthy Energy Balance

person on a scale

At a time when nearly two-thirds of the U.S. population is considered overweight or obese, compelling evidence suggests that excess body weight is a risk factor for many cancers. However, body weight is among many health and lifestyle related factors that play a role in cancer risk and survival. The term “energy balance” describes the complex interaction of diet, physical activity, and genetics, and may play an important role in cancer prevention and control.