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Special Values: Healthcare & Medical

Medical Management of Biological Casualties Handbook

Publisher: Defense Dept., Army, Army Medical Research Institute for Infectious Diseases

Description: T7th edition. Known as the USAMRIID Blue Book, this invaluable handbook supplies basic summary and treatment information quickly for the health care provider on the front lines of a biological incident. Provides concise supplemental reading material to assist in education of biological casualty management. Edge indexed. Zygmunt F. Dembek, Lead Editor.

Year/Pages: 2011: 279 p.

Price: $16.00 $8.00 Add To Cart

Parent's Guide to Childhood Immunizations (2010 03/2012)

Publisher: Health and Human Services Dept., Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Description: The Parents' Guide to Childhood Immunizations helps parents and caregivers learn about the role vaccines play in helping keep children healthy. The color booklet, updated in 2010 and reprinted in 2012, includes a glossary and list of resources and is illustrated with children�s artwork.

Year/Pages: 2012: 63 p.; ill.

Price: $9.00 $4.50 Add To Cart

What's on Your Plate?: Choose My Plate (English Language Version)

Publisher: Agriculture Dept., Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion

Description: CHPP-25. This colorful 8.5 X 11-inch poster provides easily understood visual references that promote healthy choices and healthy eating habits. It specifically promotes Fruits, Vegetables, Low-Fat Dairy, Lean Proteins and Whole Grains in healthy proportions. Sold in packages of 25 copies only.

Year/Pages: 2011: Poster.

Price: $12.00 $6.00 Add To Cart

Que Hay en Su Plato?: Mi Plato (Spanish Language)

Publisher: Agriculture Dept., Centro Para Politicas y Promocion de la nutricion

Description: CNPP-25-5. Spanish edition of “Choose My Plate”Poster. Poster measures 8.5 x 11 in. (Sold in packages of 25 copies only). Este cartel proporciona unas referencias visuales muy sencillas que promueven las elecciones saludables y habitos alimenticios saludables. En concreto, promueve las frutas, verduras, lacteos bajos en grasa, proteinas magras y granos enteros en las proporciones saludables. Se vende solamente en paquetes de 25 unidades.

Year/Pages: 2011: Poster.

Price: $12.00 $6.00 Add To Cart

Quick Bio-Agents: USAMRIID's Pocket Reference Guide to Biological Select Agents & Toxins

Publisher: Defense Dept., Army, Medical Research Institute for infectious Diseases


Year/Pages: 2011: 30 p.

Price: $9.00 $4.50 Add To Cart

Mental Health United States 2010

Publisher: Health and Human Services Dept., Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

Description: Covers topics including: managed behavioral health care; assessment of outcomes and performance; key factors in managed care; population-based analyses for populations who are seriously mentally ill and severely emotionally disturbed; cost incurred through Medicare, Medicaid, and private sector insurance plans; and National Statistics.

Year/Pages: 2012: 372 p.; ill.

Price: $60.00 $30.00 Add To Cart

Combat and Operational Behavioral Health

Publisher: Defense Dept., Army, Office of the Surgeon General, Borden Institute

Description: TMM 27. Covers all aspects of behavioral health in the military population, including traumatic brain injury, posttraumatic stress syndrome, combat and operational stress control, training for resiliency and other preventive measures, pain management, grief, family dynamics, rehabilitation and occupational therapy, medications, suicide prevention, forensic psychiatry, detainee care, substance abuse, eating disorders, ethics, and the roles of military behavioral health providers and chaplains, as well as the military's evolving behavioral health policy and practices.

Year/Pages: 2011: 851 p.; ill.

Price: $99.00 $49.50 Add To Cart

Musculoskeletal Injuries in Military Women

Publisher: Defense Dept., Army, Borden Institute

Description: Borden Institute Monograph Series. Edited by Paul J. Dougherty. Provides information about the incidence, risk factors, prevention, diagnosis, evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitation of common musculoskeletal overuse and traumatic injuries sustained by women in the military, women athletes and women performing strenuous tasks. Appropriate for any physical therapy or rehabilitation professional or female patient.

Year/Pages: 2011: 119 p.; ill.

Price: $16.00 $8.00 Add To Cart

Warrior Transition Leader: Medical Rehabilitation Handbook

Publisher: Defense Dept., Office of the Surgeon General, Borden Institute

Description: Cooper, Pasquina, and Drach collaborated on Borden Institute's Warrior Transition Leader Medical Rehabilitation Handbook which is a textbook for how to run a warrior care and transition rehabilitation program and lessons about how best to support, heal, rehabilitate and transition Soldiers (and their families) back into uniform or into civilian life. The handbook covers the gamut from the history of the Warrior Transition Command and AMEDD, the models of disability, how disability is defined, military-related disability rights movement, and the roles of the different healthcare professionals in medical rehabilitation to modern rehabilitation practices relating to soldiers in today's conflicts. The handbook also helps non-medical leaders to understand medications, medication interactions, risk factors for self-medication, suicide, traumatic brain injury, and polytrauma, to name a few.

Year/Pages: 2011: 272 p.; ill.

Price: $32.00 $16.00 Add To Cart

Preventing Tobacco Use Among Youth and Young Adults: A Report of the Surgeon General (Three Volume Set)

Publisher: Health and Human Services Dept., Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Description: Three-volume set detailing the results of the Surgeon General's report and research, including: 1) The full 916-page hardcover report from the Surgeon General with the detailed research: �Preventing Tobacco Use Among Youth and Young Adults: A Report of the Surgeon General;� 2) An �Executive Summary� of the report containing the key evidence and conclusions; and 3) A booklet for schools, medical personnel and parents called �Preventing Tobacco Use Among Youth and Young Adults: We Can Make the Next Generation Tobacco Free�.

Year/Pages: 2012: 3 bks. (960 p.)

Price: $80.00 $40.00 Add To Cart

Attack on the Pentagon: The Medical Response to 9/11

Publisher: Defense Dept., Army, Borden Institute, Office of the Surgeon General, U.S. Army Medical Department Center and School

Description: Tells the story of the medical response to the Pentagon as ground zero through the eyes of many of those individuals and, in so doing, paints a picture that no single view can capture. Based largely on oral histories of medical responders obtained by Defense Department oral history teams and the author; primary documents mainly from the Surgeon General's Medical History Office; and e-mail exchanges between the author and individual responders.

Year/Pages: 2011: 250 p.; ill.

Price: $29.00 $14.50 Add To Cart

Communicating Risks and Benefits: An Evidence Based User's Guide

Publisher: Health and Human Services Dept., Food and Drug Administraion

Description: Written by Baruch Fischoff. Noel T. Brewer Julie S. Downs, editors. Provides practical ways to evaluate and improve communications for any decision involving risks and benefits. Topics include the communication of quantitative information and warnings, the roles of emotion and the news media, the effects of age and literacy, and tests of how well communications meet the organization's goals.

Year/Pages: 2011: 234 p.

Price: $29.00 $14.50 Add To Cart

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