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Indian treaty signed at Portsmouth, New Hampshire, 13 July 1713, and addendum signed at same location, 28 July 1714.
(Levi Woodbury Papers)


Queen Anne's War, the American counterpart to the War of the Spanish Succession, was fought between France and England in the West Indies and on the Carolina and New England frontiers from 1702 to 1713. At the end of the war, the "Eastern Tribes" of North American Indians, which had been allied with the French, surrendered to the British. On 13 July 1713, delegates and sachems of the tribes met at Portsmouth, New Hampshire, with representatives of the provinces of Massachusetts Bay and New Hampshire to sign this treaty, which brought temporary peace to the northern frontier following years of violent warfare. The Indian delegates, who signed the treaty with pictographs and French and English names, agreed to "forbear all acts of Hostility towards all the Subjects of the Crown of Great Britain" and stated that they "hence forward hold & maintain a firm & constant amity & friendship with all the English and never will entertain any Treasonable Conspiracy with any other Nation to their Disturbance." Other articles in the treaty concern ownership of land, control of trade and commerce, submission to British law and courts of justice, and pleas "for the pardon of all our past rebellious Hostilities & violations of our promises."

A year after the original treaty was signed, a second document was prepared recording the acceptance of the treaty by "every of the sachems and delegates that were not present & had not signed the last year." This additional document, dated 28 July 1714, also shows the delegates' use of both English and French names and pictographs.

John J. McDonough and Janice E. Ruth, Manuscript Division

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A116 (color slide; first page of 28 July 1714 addendum only); LC-MSS-12930-1 (B&W negative; first page of 28 July 1714 addendum only)

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