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Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)

The NEI's Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) office conducts affirmative employment programs which strive to maintain productivity and equity within the institute. This is accomplished through the EEO's implementation of complaint prevention initiatives, expeditious grievance practices, and effective conflict resolution techniques.

EEO and Civil Rights

Any employee, former employee, or applicant of the National Eye Institute (NEI) who believes that he or she has been discriminated against because of race, sex, sexual orientation, color, national origin, religion, age, physical or mental disability, or reprisal may file an EEO complaint.

Rose Wright, EEO Specialist
IC Services Division
Office of Equal Opportunity Diversity Management (OEODM/OD)
National Institutes of Health
2115 East Jefferson Street
Lower Level, Room BB-B57
Bethesda, MD 20892-8501
Phone: (301) 443-3596

"Equal Opportunity and Diversity Management at the NIH Promotes Excellence in Biomedical Research."

DHHS, NIH and NEI are Equal Opportunity Employers.

Department of Health and Human Services NIH, the National Institutes of Health