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HHS Grants Forecast

The Department of Health and Human Services’ Grants Forecast is a database of planned grant opportunities proposed by its agencies. Each Forecast record contains actual or estimated dates and funding levels for grants that the agency intends to award during the fiscal year. Forecast opportunities are subject to change based on enactment of congressional appropriations.
When funding is available and an agency is ready to accept applications, the agency will issue an official notice, known as a Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA), which will be available on The FOA provides guidance on how to receive an application kit and instructions on how to apply.
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By Eligibility
By Agency
ACF (252) ACL (35) AHRQ (8)
CMS (3) FDA (4) HRSA (65)
IHS (13) NIH (44) OASH (1)
OCIIO (2) OPHS (33) SAMHSA (16)
By Category
Recent Updates
Funding Opportunity No. Title Agency Last Updated
HHS-2013-IHS-NU-0001 American Indians into Nursing IHS 02/21/2013
HHS-2013-IHS-HPDP-0002 OCPS - Association of American Indian Physicians IHS 02/21/2013
HHS-2013-IHS-HPDP-0001 Indigenous Child Health - Strong Communities, Healthy Children IHS 02/21/2013
HHS-2013-ACF-ACYF-CT-0596 Child Welfare Training: The National Child Welfare Workforce Institute ACF 02/21/2013
HHS-2013-ACF-ORR-ZV-0570 National Human Trafficking Hotline, Training, and Technical Assistance Program ACF 02/20/2013
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