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User Access Forms

PKI Information: The forms on this page are not for obtaining PKI certificates. Go to our PKI Information page.

Focal Point Access (GOVERNMENT PERSONNEL ONLY): Focal Points are responsible for granting system access to individuals within their organization who are involved in the workflow process (i.e. registering contracts and writing or commenting on assessments/evaluations).  If you require system access to register contracts or to write or comment on assessments/evaluations, please contact customer support at (207) 438-1690 if assistance is needed to process an assessment/evaluation. 

Corporate Senior Contractor Representative (CONTRACTOR PERSONNEL ONLY): Corporate Senior Contractor Representatives may request system access to view all assessments/evaluations related to the DUNS numbers applicable to a corporation.  This access level will not allow you to comment on a performance assessment or evaluation. Contact customer support at (207) 438-1690 if assistance is needed to comment on an assessment/evaluation.

Business Analysis Reports: This access level is applicable to ACASS and CCASS only. It allows Government personnel to retrieve ACASS and CCASS information that is used to support official Government business. This access level includes firms’ completed evaluations, contract award history, and Architect-Engineer qualifications (SF330 Part II), as applicable. Government personnel access these reports to support corporate visits, conduct market research or to help identify qualified A-E firms when emergent work requirements arise. Government personnel who require access should complete and submit the Business Analysis Reports Access Request Form.
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