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Software Release History

Software Release Information (Ver 2.2.0 through Ver 3.5.0)
Software Release Information (July 1998 through Ver 2.1.1)

Version 3.11.0 of CPARS/ACASS/CCASS/FAPIIS, released on Nov 4, 2012 Top

  • The DoD CPARS Policy Guide has been replaced with the Guidance for CPARS effective November 2012 for all users.
  • CPARS online help has been updated to be consistent with the new CPARS Guidance.
  • Science and Technology Business Sector/Subsectors have been added for Federal Agency Systems and Nonsystems awards.
  • Vehicles and Related Equipment Business Sector/Subsector has been added.
  • Nonsystems – Installations Business Sector/Subsector has been renamed to Nonsystems – Facilities Services.
  • Nonsystems – Base Supplies Business Sector/Subsector has been renamed to Nonsystems – Facilities Supplies.
  • Nonsystems – Troop Support Business Sector/Subsector has been renamed to Nonsystems – Personnel Support.
  • A training email notification option was added to the User Profile Preferences for future on-site training announcements.
  • Modified the View Contractor Reps report for the Senior Contractor Representatives to now display the contract numbers the Contractor Reps have access to.

Version 3.10.0 of CPARS/ACASS/CCASS/FAPIIS, released on May 19, 2012

  • The Focal Point will now receive a system warning when granting access to a government only role when a non-government e-mail address is entered.
  • The Focal Point will now be able to delete in-process CPARS/Evaluations that are at the Initiated or Drafted Status.
  • User IDs will be displayed in the Focal Point’s Modify, View, and Transfer User Access Screens.
  • In the CPARS and CCASS modules, we will now validate the Product or Service Code (PSC) and North American Industry classification System (NAICS) codes that are entered.
  • The Assessing Official will now be able to send the CPAR/Evaluation back to the Assessing Official Rep/Initiated Status when the record was started at the Assessing Official/Drafted Status.
  • In the ACASS module, Business Analysis Reports user’s SF330 Qualified Firm Search feature has been removed from the Main Menu and the SF330 link has been removed from the Consolidated Report.
  • The Assessing Official Recommendation drop-down options have been resorted when asked “Given what I know today about the Contractor’s ability to execute what they promised in their proposal.  I ‘recommendation’ award to them today given that I had a choice.”

Version 3.9.0 of CPARS/ACASS/CCASS/FAPIIS, released on Feb 26, 2012 Top

  • The Auto Register parameters screen has been redesigned with the option to sort by Contract Number, Contract Office Code, Contract Office, Dollar Value, Award Date, Completion Date, and Available Date.
  • The "No Access Granted" email notification to Focal Points will no longer be sent if a Final or Addendum evaluation exists.
  • The "Overdue Email Notification" and "Granting User Access" entries have been removed from the Activity Log.
  • Added an "Access Granted Date" column to the User List in the CPAR/Evaluation Status Report.
  • The ability to run a Focal Point/Alternate Focal Point list has been added at the Department and Agency POC access levels. All Focal Points will now be required to enter their Organization(s) in their User Profile.
  • In ACASS/CCASS, the "View All Evaluations" link from the Consolidated Report has been removed.
  • The CPARS Ratings Metrics report was enhanced to run more efficiently and the results page is now consistent in all modules.
  • Added a "Forgot User ID" option for users to have their User ID(s) sent to them via email.
  • Updated password criteria were added to comply with new security requirements.
  • The "Feedback" option at the Main Menu has been changed to "Submit Suggestion".
  • Added a Training link at the footer of all application pages.

Version 3.8.0 of CPARS/ACASS/CCASS/FAPIIS, released on Oct 30, 2011 Top

  • The Main Menu has been redesigned to remove the Contract Number and Order Number fields.
  • The "Register a Contract" button at the Main Menu has been updated to read "Register/Update a Contract."
  • The Reviewing Official may now send the CPAR/Evaluation back to the Assessing Official.
  • "Delete" buttons for the selection boxes have been renamed to "Remove" buttons in order to provide greater clarity.
  • In the ACASS module, the Ratings tab has been redesigned to reflect separate tabs for Design/Services and Construction and their associated rating elements.
  • In the FAPIIS module, the Main Menu has been redesigned to remove the Record Type field.
  • The Focal Point may now authorize up to 5 Alternate Focal Points.
  • Focal Points will now have the ability to transfer multiple contracts at one time.
  • The Auto Register screen has been redesigned to move the Register and Remove buttons to the bottom.
  • Auto Registration has been updated to reflect new Product or Service Codes (PSCs).
  • Auto Registration has been updated to better map the PSCs beginning with "Z" to the appropriate business sector for Department of Defense (DoD) records.
  • Registered contracts with no access granted now show in the Focal Point and Alternate Focal Point access authorization drop downs.
  • In the ACASS and CCASS modules, a change has been made to ensure the Alternate Focal Point is receiving the correct "due" email notifications.
  • The Agency POC Auto Register List in the ACASS and CCASS modules has been updated to ensure that the option to include removed contracts functions properly.

Version 3.7.0 of CPARS/ACASS/CCASS/FAPIIS, released on Jun 26, 2011 Top

  • Numerous Department of Defense (DoD) and US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) references have been removed from the online help.
  • References to DODAACs have been removed.
  • APM has been renamed to Organization.
  • The Command Point of Contact access level has been renamed to Department Point of Contact.
  • The Senior Command Official access level has been renamed to Agency Point of Contact.
  • The Small Business Utilization questions regarding comprehensive and commercial subcontracting plans have been removed.
  • In the CPARS module, the Service/IT/Operations form has been renamed to Nonsystems.
  • In the CPARS module, on the Systems form, the color ratings have been changed to adjectives.
  • In the CPARS module, the Report Types have been changed to Interim, Final, and Addendum.
  • Completed Out of Cycle CPARs have been archived. In process Out of Cycle CPARs have been converted to Interim reports.
  • In the CPARS module, references to Code have been removed from the signature blocks.
  • In the CPARS module, Federal Supply Code (FSC) has been renamed to Product or Service Code (PSC).
  • In the CPARS module, Phase of Acquisition has been removed from the Program Title field.
  • In the CPARS module, the Assessing Official can now close a CPAR for which the contractor did not respond.
  • In the CPARS module, DoD Business Sector/Subsector has been renamed to Business Sector/Subsector.
  • In the CPARS module, the DoD Transportation business subsector has been renamed to Transportation.
  • In the CCASS module, the Liquidated Damages field will now accept a zero.
  • The DSN phone number field has been removed.
  • The CPARS web site has been updated to
  • In Focal Point Access Authorization, the preview screen has been removed.
  • In Department POC Access Authorization, the preview screen has been removed.
  • For Senior Contractor Representative users, the Business Sector filter has been removed from View/Print Completed CPARs.
  • The email to users whose accounts are eligible for deletion following 2 years of inactivity has been rewritten to provide better instructions.
  • In the FAPIIS module, a record type for DoD Determination of Contractor Fault has been added.
  • Fixed an issue with the calendar date selector for dates past 2032.

Version 3.6.0 of CPARS/ACASS/CCASS/FAPIIS, released on Jan 30, 2011 Top

  • DoD users have access to other agency contracts they have ordered against, without the intervention of the help desk.
  • Focal Points can remove access to multiple users/contracts at the same time.
  • Auto Register indicator appears for contracts/orders when the basic contract has been registered.
  • Maximum character count has increased to 24,000 for the Assessing Official Rep/Assessing Officials, and the Contractor Representatives for CPARS module.
  • Contractor comments are hidden until CPAR/Evaluation signed and released to the Assessing Official.
  • Changed the “Ratings” tab to “Modified Ratings” tab when the original record has been modified at the Reviewed Status.
  • Moved Contractor Rep tab to the Original Ratings tab, on a modified record, at the Reviewing Official level of access.
  • In the View/Print version of a record, Modified now appears at the top when modified from its original version.
  • Statement appears in the Contractor Comments field on a modified record, indicating to view Contractor Comments in the original record only.
  • List of all users assigned is now available from the Contract Status Report.
  • Assessor Office is now an option that can be selected from the Contract Status Report on completed records.
  • Deleting Inactive Users: Users that have not logged in within two years are notified to login in order to retain the account. The Focal Point is also notified.
  • Archiving ACASS and CCASS records 6 years from the contract completion date.
  • Focal Point can delete an Alternate Focal Point when no other access has been granted.
  • In Auto Register, you can search between 1 and 6 characters of the Contract Office Code.
  • For non-DoD orders, only 1 character is required in the Order Number field.
  • New PDF generator applied.
  • New spreadsheet generator applied.
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