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Office of Transformation Coordination


Kathleen Stanley is the Chief of the Office of Transformation Coordination.

What We Do

The Office of Transformation Coordination manages and oversees the development of the USCIS Electronic Immigration System (USCIS ELIS) to move the agency from a paper-based application and adjudication process to an electronic one.

In support of this effort, OTC is orchestrating a comprehensive transformation of people, processes and technologies to enhance national security, promote operational excellence and provide superior customer service to those seeking immigration benefits.

OTC is dedicated to ensuring we deliver the most effective and reliable system for the world’s largest immigration system.


OTC is composed of four major operational divisions: Business Integration, Stakeholder Readiness, Program Management, and Release Management.

Business Integration
Reengineers and incorporates all relevant immigration/citizenship business processes into USCIS ELIS in order to ensure the creation of a proven business architecture for USCIS.

Stakeholder Readiness
Engages internal and external stakeholders, conducts outreach, and develops training to facilitate a comprehensive and smooth transformation within USCIS.

Program Management
Manages/evaluates contracts and assesses program risks to assure a high level of quality in the transformation effort.

Release Management
Conducts internal testing and manages technical frameworks and release scheduling to guarantee the successful deployment of all USCIS ELIS releases.

Last updated: 10/01/2012