The following forms are available from F​NS:

  • Food Distribution

Destination Data for Delivery of Donated Foods FNS 7 (591.89 KB)
Report of Shipment Received, Over, Short and/or Damaged FNS 57 (405.21 KB)
Food Requisition FNS 52 (582.15 KB)
Multi-Food Requisition FNS 53 (780.19 KB)
Federal-State Agreement for Child Nutrition and Food Distribution Programs FNS 74 (666.87 KB)
Participation in Food Programs - By Race (657.09 KB)
Monthly Distribution of Donated Foods to Family Units FNS 152 (1.45 MB)
Monthly Report of the Commodity Supplemental Food Program and Quarterly Administrative Financial Status Report FNS 153 (1.23 MB)
Report of Commodity Distribution for Disaster Relief FNS 292A (624.34 KB)
Report of Disaster Food Stamp Benefit Issuance FNS 292B (1.07 MB)
Commodity Acceptability Progress Report (1 MB)
Report of The Emergency Food Assistance Program Administrative Costs (353.42 KB)
Public Voucher - Commodity Programs FSA 21 (104.75 KB)
Inventory Management Register (587.02 KB)

  • School Meals

SFA Verification Summary FNS 742 (620.05 KB)
School Food Authority Verification Summary Report FNS 742 (620.05 KB)
Application Verification Summary - Single (51.87 KB)
Application Verification Summary - Multi (72.65 KB)

  • HR

Employee Address AD-349
Appointment Affidavits Appointment Affidavits
Statement of Prior Federal Service SF-144
Race and National Origin SF-181
Self Identification of Handicap SF-256
Designation of Beneficiary SF-1152
Employee Health Benefits Registration Form SF-2809
Life Insurance Election SF-2817
Beneficiary for Federal Employees’ Group Life Insurance Program SF-2823
Declaration of Federal Employment OF-306
Welfare to Work OPM-1635
Election Form TSP-1
Designation of Beneficiary TSP-3
Direct Deposit SF-1199A
Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate W-4

  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

Employment and Training (E&T) Program Activity Report FNS 583 (315.48 KB)
Quality Control Review Schedule FNS 380-1 (775.62 KB)

  • Women, Infants and Children (WIC)

Federal-State Supplemental Nutrition Program Agreement FNS 339 (545.27 KB)

  • FM

Disclosure of Lobbying Forms SF-111 (1.22 KB)
Supplemental Form for Collecting Taxpayer Identifying Numbers Authority FNS-711 (561.65 KB)
Application for Federal Assistance SF-424 (1.22 KB)
Budget Information - Non Construction Programs SF 424a (1.22 KB)
Assurances - Non Construction Programs SF 424b (1.22 KB)
Budget Information - Construction Programs SF 424c (1.22 KB)
Assurances - Construction Programs SF 424d (1.22 KB)

  • FNS (Non Program)

Computer Systems Access Request FNS 674 (1.22 KB)