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Frequently Asked Questions (Policy)

General [top]

1. How do I obtain access to the system?

A: Access is granted by a network of government Focal Points. Typically there are many Focal Points assigned to the agency. If you require assistance with identifying your Focal Point, please email the helpdesk with the contract number you are trying to access and they will provide you with the Focal Point name and contact information.

2. I received a system email with a User ID, but how do I obtain a password or have my password reset when I’m locked out of my account?

A: Please use the Forgot Password button at the login screen to reset your password.

3. I can't figure out some of the special characters or symbols in the temporary password?

A: Please copy and paste the temporary password into the password field. To do this, use your mouse to highlight the temporary password. Right click on the highlighted password and choose copy. Go to the login screen and place the cursor in the password field then perform a right click and choose the paste option.

4. When browsing an evaluation or after updating a record, I am unable to view the evaluation as a PDF file. What’s wrong?

A: The Adobe Acrobat Reader must be installed to view the PDF. The reader can be downloaded from If you have any problems downloading or installing the plugin, please contact our Technical Support.

5. Our activity uses Macintosh computers. Can the ACASS AIS be used on a Macintosh system?

A: Yes. The ACASS AIS is web-based so most actions are completed directly from your browser. All data inputs may be completed on a Macintosh system. However, the Adobe Acrobat Reader for Macintosh must be installed to print/view evaluations in PDF format.

6. How do I cut and paste a MSWord document into the evaluation without having characters change or disappear?

A: There are a complete set of step by step instructions explaining this process. Follow this link for the instruction page.

7. I am receiving emails stating that I have been granted access to ACASS and more emails stating I must perform an action on an evaluation. Why?

A: A government Focal Point has given you access to ACASS. Please contact the Focal Point for questions regarding system access. If you are unable to determine who the Focal Point is, please contact the Help Desk and they can provide the name and contact information.

8. When I use To Do List or View/Print options to view an evaluation I don’t see any contractor comments and I know they responded.

A: The evaluation was modified by the Assessing Official after the contractor commented. When you open the evaluation from the "To Do List," click on the "Original Ratings" tab and the contractor’s comments are included there. If you use "View/Print" button on the Main Menu, once the evaluation opens, click on "View Original Evaluation" at the top of the record and the contractor comments will be visible. The contractor’s comments remain with the Original record since the comments were based on the original ratings and narratives.

9. I received an email stating that I have an evaluation to work on, but when I log into the system I do not have access to that contract.

A:Please make sure that you are entering the contract number and order number correctly.  e.g., no typos and in the right fields.  If you still do not have access, please make sure that you are logged into the system at the correct access level.  The access level you are logged in as is at the top of the Main Menu in the green bar.  To switch access levels, use the "Change User Profile/ Switch Access Level" button at the Main Menu.  Choose the correct level from the drop down and click "Switch." 

10. I am receiving an error message stating I can not forward the evaluation onto the next level because no one is assigned to the level.

A: Please contact your Focal Point to have them add a user to the system for that level. The Focal Point name and contact information can be obtained by running the Evaluation Status Report, choosing the "List of Evaluations" option and clicking on the "User List" for the particular contract number.

11. My Contracting Officer issued a modification that extends the negotiated completion date. How can I update this contract, which is already registered in the system?

A: To update a registered contract, login to the system and click on the “Register/Update a Contract” button.  Enter the contract number in the contract number field and the task order number if applicable in the task order number field and click "Continue."   The previously registered contract appears and any of the data elements can be updated and saved.   

12. Where do I go if I have other questions on the ACASS Automated Information System?

A: Contact our Help Desk:
Comm: 207-438-1690
Fax: 207-438-6535

Certificate/PKI [top]

1. Why do I still need a User ID if I have a PKI certificate?

A: A User ID is required because many users have more than one User ID for the system because they have more than one access level. The system needs to be able to distinguish which level of access a user is logging into so the user can perform the required actions.

2. What type of PKI certificate should I purchase?

A: At least an ECA certificate of Medium Assurance should be purchased. This should be a Department of Defense (DoD) identity certificate, not an email certificate.

3. I’m attempting to login, but am receiving an error message stating that the User ID I entered does not match the PKI certification information.

A: If you have received a new CAC or PKI certificate since your last login, you will need to contact the helpdesk to remove your certificate from the system.

4. When I go to the website I am getting an error message that indicates "There is a problem with this website's security certificate."

A: Please click on the option to “Continue to this website (not recommended).” The error is due to a security setting in Internet Explorer 7.

Focal Point [top]

1. I tried to grant someone access to the system for one or more contracts and got a message that states the access failed.

A: Usually this happens when a user already has access to one or more of the contracts being assigned. Please click on the "Access Authorization" button and then the "View Existing User" button to view the users and determine access.

2. I received an email stating that I granted access to contracts that are available for Auto Register, but when I go to Auto Register those contracts are not there.

It’s likely the contracts have been removed from the Auto Register Contracts listing. To see what’s been removed, click on "Auto Register" from the Main Menu. At the next screen, you can search by Contract Office Code or Full or Partial Contract Number. You’ll want to place a check in the box adjacent to Include Removed Contracts and then run the report. Click on the contract number to register the contract.

Assessing Official [top]

1. I received an email stating that the evaluation has not been completed in 120 days and is overdue. I logged in, but I have no actions for that evaluation in my "To Do List." The email states it is Finalized. What is my action?

A: Finalized means that the Reviewing Official has the action to sign and close the evaluation. You will want to contact the Reviewing Official and have them close the evaluation. You can use the Evaluation Status Report to obtain the Reviewing Official's name by running a report, choose “List of Evaluations” and then click on "User List." If a Reviewing Official is not assigned to the evaluation please contact the Focal Point so that they may assign one.

2. I have entered my supporting narrative, but it is over the 16,000 character limit. Is there anything I can do?

A: There is no way to extend the character limitation or upload a file with additional narrative. You will need to revise your comments to 16,000 or fewer characters.

3. How do I extend the contractor’s 30 day review period?

A: There is no specific action required to extend the 30 day review period. Once the 30 day review period expires, the evaluation will appear on your To Do List. To extend the contractor’s review period, do not retrieve the evaluation from your To Do List. Once you retrieve the evaluation and continue with the process, the contractor will no longer have access to the record for review and comment.

Contractor Rep [top]

1. I received an email stating that I’ve been given access to a contract.  When I log into the system, click View/Print I and input the contract number, I receive an error message that states "You do not have access to contract number XXX.”

A: The email you received was a system generated email letting you know that you were granted access to the system.  You will receive an additional email when you have an action to view and comment on an evaluation.  As a contractor you can only view an evaluation when it is in the Rated or Completed status.  You can run an Evaluation Status Report to determine the status of your contracts/evaluations.

2. I received an email stating that I had an evaluation to review and comment on, where do I find my assessment so that I can review it and enter comments?

A: In order to review and comment on an evaluation go to  On the left side of the page, click on the ACASS or CCASS link.  On the left side of the page, click on ACASS or CCASS Logon.  Read the Notice and Consent Banner and click Accept.  If you have a Department of Defense PKI certificate, click "Contractor Logon (PKI)".  If you do not have a Department of Defense PKI Certificate, click "Contractor Logon (No PKI)".  Enter your User ID and Password (note that if you are using a PKI certificate, you will only need to enter a User ID once you have logged in for the first time using a Password).  If this is your first time logging in, use the Forgot Password button to reset your password.  Once you have logged in, click the ACASS or CCASS button.  Next click on the "To Do List."  Next click on the contract number and the evaluation will open.  Once you review and comment, click on the "Contractor Rep" tab and enter the required information—and don’t forget to click on Validate and Send to the Assessing Official to complete the process.

3. I received an email stating that I had an evaluation to review and comment on.  I logged into the system clicked View/Print, and entered the contract number but there is no place for me to enter my comments. 

A: In order to review and comment on an evaluation just click on the "To Do List."  Next click on the contract number and the evaluation will open.  Once you review and comment, click on the "Contractor Rep" tab and enter the required information—and don’t forget to click on Validate and Send to the Assessing Official to complete the process. 

4. My company received an email that states that we have an evaluation to review and comment on.  When I log into the system, the evaluation does not appear on my To Do List.   When I click View/Print, and enter the contract number the system states I don't have access to the evaluation.

A: Only the Contractor Representative who received the email has access to the evaluation.  If you require access to the evaluation you will need to contact the government Focal Point.  If you are unable to determine who the Focal Point is please contact the Help Desk and they can provide the name and contact information.

Policy [top]

1. If I have a contract that meets all the requirements for preparing an evaluation, but the contract has recently closed, do I still have to do an evaluation?

A: For Department of Defense users, Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (OUSD) Acquisition, Technology and Logistics (AT&L) Defense Procurement and Acquisition Policy (DPAP) Memo “Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System (CPARS)” requires that evaluations that are due or overdue for contracts that began in FY08 or later or in FY07 and earlier be completed if the following conditions apply: 1) the individual assessing the contractor’s performance is available, 2) has sufficient knowledge of the contractor’s performance for the period in question, 3) has documentation to support narratives and ratings for the period in question, 4) has periodically communicated with the contractor regarding performance for the period in question. If your closed contract meets these conditions, you must complete an evaluation.

Other Agency users should contact their Agency point of contact for assistance.

2. Are outside CONUS contracting offices and contractors exempt from ACASS requirements?

A: There is no exemption for outside CONUS contracting offices or contractors.

3. How do I make note of a prime contractor's compliance with the sub-contractor performance plan submitted for the contract?

A: The evaluation contains a rating element for Implementation of Small Business Subcontracting Plan. This element is used to assess compliance with all terms and conditions in the contract relating to small business participation including achievement on each individual goal stated in the contract or subcontracting plan. Appendix 1 and Appendix 2 of the ACASS Policy Guide contain specific instructions for assessing this rating element.

4. Are there forms available for completing evaluations containing classified information? Can I enter that information into the ACASS application?

A: Forms are available at Classified information is not to be entered into the ACASS automated application. Use the on-line automated application for unclassified use only. Evaluations on classified programs will be processed in accordance with program security requirements. Copies of classified evaluations will be maintained and distributed in accordance with agency procedures.

5. Are evaluations releasable under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)?

A: Contractor performance information is privileged source selection information. It is also protected by the Privacy Act and is not releasable under the Freedom of Information Act. Performance assessments may be withheld from public disclosure under Exemption 5 of the Freedom of Information Act. Further, Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Subpart 42.1503 (b) states: "The completed evaluation shall not be released to other than Government personnel and the contractor whose performance is being evaluated during the period the information may be used to provide source selection information." When a FOIA request is received for ACASS records, the unit FOIA office must refer the request to the ACASS focal point for coordination. The ACASS Program Manager at the Naval Sea Logistics Center, Portsmouth, NH, must also be notified via the Help Desk at Comm: 207-438-1690 or email to: [top]

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