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Action potentials generated by neurons in the cerebral cortex eventually give rise to conscious sensations. Understanding this process requires both a description of what information is represented in the activity of single neurons, and a description of the mechanism by which that representation is generated. Binocular stereopsis (the ability to perceive depth by combining images from the two eyes) is an attractive model system to study both the nature and mechanism of the cortical representation for several reasons:

With a view to generating this description, we record action potentials from single cortical neurons in awake animals trained to perform stereoscopic discrimination tasks. Quantitative modelling is then used to describe both the response properties of individual neurons, and their relationship to psychophysical judgments.

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Bruce G. Cumming
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Vision Section Chief
Ali Moeeny Post Doctoral Fellow
Boris M. Sheliga Staff Scientist

Department of Health and Human Services NIH, the National Institutes of Health