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How to Use the
Healthfinder API

What Is an Application Programming Interface (API)?

  • An API is a method to open up and allow access to specific content or functionality from within an
    application. An API allows other developers or organizations the ability to use specific functionality,
    usually to build or produce new functionality. An API has specific rules and requirements that allow
    users to properly access the content or functionality.
  • To learn more, visit:

How To Use the healthfinder.gov API

API Parameters

Required Parameter: The API cannot be used without a valid ID code that links to a registered account in the system.
  • api_key = The unique ID for each registered organization using the site
Spanish Parameter:To access Spanish content in the API append the following parameter to the end of the query string
  • Please Note:There is not a 'one to one' corresponding English to Spanish content between keywords, Categories, Topics, and Tools. Unfortunately, the following parameter cannot just be added to the end of an English query and generate the same exact query in Spanish.
  • lang = es: will query the Spanish version of the Health Topic
Primary Parameters: At least one of these parameters must be included in the API for it to function correctly.