About the Location Data

The information on the FindYouthInfo.gov mapping tool comes from USASpending.gov. USASpending.gov provides federal funding information to the public, as collected from federal agencies. The data is largely from the Federal Procurement Data System, which contains information about federal contracts; and the Federal Assistance Award Data System, which contains information about federal financial assistance such as grants, loans, insurance, and direct subsidies such as Social Security. Data in the FindYouthInfo.org mapping tool is updated regularly; information about how and when USASpending updates its data can be found on the Timeliness and Accountability tab of their FAQ.

The resources that appear on the mapping tool are a subset of what is available on USASpending.gov. Youth programs are identified by their CFDA (Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance—www.cfda.gov ) number; this information is not available anywhere else and has not been altered. Some resources might not display on the mapping tool due to incomplete data in the original database. If you have questions about the data, please visit http://www.usaspending.gov/contactus.

If you have suggestions for other funding streams (CFDA numbers) to include on this site, please contact FindYouthInfo@air.org.