sex trafficking

Prostitution. Pornography. Survival sex. Commercial sexual exploitation is more than just young people being sexually abused by adults. Perpetrators victimize young people by paying, or promising to pay, money, goods or services to a youth—or a pimp—in exchange for sexual acts or entertainment.
“Almost Home: Helping Kids Move From Homelessness to Hope” by Kevin Ryan and Tina Kelley, with foreword by Cory Booker
“Girls Like Us: Fighting for a World Where Girls Are Not for Sale” by Rachel Lloyd
As we continue to learn more about the reasons young people may be sexually exploited, some researchers say Native American young women may be particularly at risk.
The young woman first contacted Bellefaire JCB, a social service agency in Cleveland, complaining of a toothache. Later, she returned because she’d received a card about the organization’s trafficking program from the team that responded to her call.
January is National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month, an opportunity to join the White House in raising awareness about these abusive practices.
End Child Prostitution and Trafficking-USA offers funding for organizations that work with sexually trafficked youth. Grants can be requested for youth who have been victims of sex trafficking and need health or medical services.
At a recent community symposium on the commercial sexual exploitation of young people in Dallas, the audience witnessed an unrehearsed demonstration of just how far the city has come in its approach to combating trafficking.
Why don't victims of sex trafficking leave their exploiters?
NCFY's latest podcast features Sandy Skelaney, who directs Project GOLD, a Miami program that reaches out to young female victims of sex trafficking. Skelaney spoke with NCFY about the specific dangers that victims of sex trafficking face, and the steps she and her colleagues take to assist them. Listen to the podcast and read the transcript.
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