Hotline Form Instructions

Before proceeding, please install the DHS Root Certificates, as this will allow your web browser to trust the identity of DHS OIG site whose secure communications are authenticated by DHS


Installing the DHS Root Certificate is not required.  However, it will avoid Security Alert windows when you go to secure communication websites for various DHS components, including OIG.


Instructions for downloading the certificate for DHS Root Certificate Authority (CA)


Click Here for the DHS OIG Online Allegation Form


To receive an electronic “Complaint Number Notification” alert message via email, you must provide a point of contact email address.  Failure to provide a point of contact email address precludes the OIG from notifying you of the assignment of a Complaint Number to your allegation. 


Your allegation will be reviewed and processed in the order it was received.  Assignment of a Complaint Number, and notification of such assignment, is not an indication your complaint will be investigated by the DHS OIG or any other applicable investigative body.