Publications: Starting and Managing a Youth Program

In this guide to keeping the doors of youth-serving nonprofits open in good times and bad, NCFY has collected many of its original articles on financial management and fundraising.

Across the country, thousands each year are affected by large-scale disasters, from wildfires to floods to hurricanes. Disasters can also occur on a smaller scale, caused by everyday events such as power outages, kitchen fires, or burst water mains.


While most disasters are impossible to predict, you can plan for them and reduce disruptions in your services to youth and families.


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This publication for youth and adults lists the many ways community members can volunteer to help young people throughout the year.


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This guide is for you if you dream of starting your own nonprofit organization to give young people in your community better opportunities, but don't know where to begin. Or perhaps you're already part of a youth-serving charity and you simply need a few pointers.

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