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Social media provides entirely new ways to engage the public around health. However, the sharing of health information and data across a wide range of platforms also opens new challenges for public health communicators.  In an effort to assist the public health community in developing and adopting best practices in the use of social media, SAMHSA has established the Social Health Hub.

This effort is grounded in the belief that peer learning and peer sharing is fundamental to the long-term success of using online communications for public engagement.  If you have information useful for the community or would like to contribute a case study of how your organization has used social media, please contact us.

Currently Available:

Coming Soon:

  • SAMHSA’s social media metrics - High-level statistics from SAMHSA’s official social media accounts
  • Case studies - Case studies from local, state, federal agencies public health agencies using social media

Last updated: 06/23/2011

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