Your Land, Our Land

Includes an autographed bookplate signed by authors Monroe Dodd and Brian Burnes.

In the National Archives' regional collections is kept the story of our disputes and our agreements, our struggles and our victories, the images of ourselves, our families, our cities and our culture.

They are the inspiration and the basis of Your Land, Our Land: Two centuries of American Words and Images from the Regions of the National Archives.

For this volume, Archives staffers in each of the 13 regions poured through their vast files. They emerged with images and documents representing life in every part of the country - from stunning to profound, lightheared to heartbreaking and often awe-inspiring.

Hardcover, 240 pages
Dimensions - 9 1/2"(h) x 12"(w)
ISBN - 978-1-935362-42-5
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