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The Center for Legislative Archives holds and preserves the official records of Congress on behalf of the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate. The records of Congress reflect America's entire national experience from the First Congress in 1789 to the present. They reveal the centrality of Congress to the American story, and illustrate the institutional operations of the representative branch of government.

The documents presented here are a small sampling of the wealth of historical records in the Center's holdings which total over 350 million pages. (These Archival Research Catalog (ARC) links will open in a new window.)

Bank of the United States (ARC ID 2127306) Clifford K. Berryman Cartoons (ARC ID 306134) Cherokee Indians (ARC ID 306680) Shock SuspenStories Magazine, Number 13 (ARC ID 595384) Child Labor (Lewis Hine Photos) (ARC ID 306624)
Committee on Un-American Activities (ARC ID 595265) Credentials of Members of Congress (ARC ID 595424) Davy Crockett and West Point (ARC ID 2173241) Electoral Tallies (ARC ID 306207) Gulf of Tonkin Resolution (ARC ID 2127364)
Honoring the Memory of Washington (ARC ID 306521) Impeachment of Andrew Johnson (ARC ID 2127356)
Maps (ARC ID 306571) Missouri Compromise (ARC ID 306524) Naturalization of Servicemen (ARC ID 2127363)
Nomination Messages (ARC ID 306334) Overriding a Veto (ARC ID 2127368) Petitions and Memorials (ARC ID 595303) Presidential Messages to Congress (ARC ID 306319) Proposed Amendments to the Constitution (ARC ID 2173242)
Reconstruction (ARC ID 5637786) Senate Revisions to House Proposed Amendments to the U.S. Constitution (ARC ID 3535588) San Francisco Earthquake (ARC ID 306190) Slavery (ARC ID 306599) Voting Rights (ARC ID 593573)
Woman Suffrage (ARC ID 306664) Women in Congress (ARC ID 4397830)      

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