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Facts About Retinoblastoma

This information was developed by the National Eye Institute to help patients and their families search for general information about retinoblastoma. An eye care professional who has examined the patient's eyes and is familiar with his or her medical history is the best person to answer specific questions.

Table of Contents

Retinoblastoma Defined

What is retinoblastoma?

Retinoblastoma is a type of cancer that forms in the retina (the light-sensitive tissue at the back of the eye).

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Risk Factors

Who is at risk for retinoblastoma?

The disease usually occurs in children younger than 5 years and may be in one eye or in both eyes. In some cases the disease is inherited from a parent.

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How is retinoblastoma treated?

Retinoblastoma is a serious, life-threatening disease. However, with early diagnosis and timely treatment, in most cases, a child's eyesight and life can be saved.

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More Information

Content last reviewed in October 2010.

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