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E-Gov Travel

Travel Document Support, FAQs, and Manuals

Travel Help is Now Available 24/7

You now have access to the answers for your most common travel questions, right from your desktop.  The HHS Travel Office, in conjunction with the ONE DHHS help desk, is introducing a new travel self-service, On-line Knowledgebase. 

The new self service On-line Knowledgebase allows you to:.  

- Review the Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions   
- View Alerts and Important Updates
- Search the Knowledgebase
- If you are unable to locate your answer, submit a help desk ticket from the same screen
- Chat with a help desk representative (Only Available During Normal Business Hours)
- Get a status update to your travel Help Desk Ticket  

To access the On-line Knowledgebase, click the box below.


Top 10 travel FAQs

1. What is the status of my travel document?

To view a detailed history of a travel document, reference the following instructions:

1. To open the voucher/travel document, click on the document name hyperlink.
2.  All versions of the travel document will display. Click the "View" or "Edit/View' option on the latest version of the document, which will be the top listing.
3. For documents that are able to be edited, the "View Only" screen will display. Click the <OK> button to continue.4. Click on the Review/Sign  tab in the light blue toolbar. Click on the "Digital Signature" menu on the dropdown to display a detailed history of the document.
5. Under the Document History, a detailed view of the document's change in status, the date and time that each change in status was processed, as well as remarks associated with each change in status.

2. Unable to login to GovTrip, I get returned to the login screen?

This issue may be caused by a browser pop up blocker, which can block access to To turn off the pop up blocker, reference the following instructions:

Internet Explorer 6.0, 7.0 & 8.0

1. Click on “Tools” “Pop up Blocker” from the drop down menu.
2. Select “Turn off Pop up Blocker” from the menu. 

3. How do I reset my GovTrip password?

There are several reasons you may not be able to log in to GovTrip.  Choose from one of the below solutions: 

1. If you have made 3 unsuccessful attempts to log in to GovTrip 3 and are now locked out, please reference the steps below:    GovTrip accounts will automatically unlock after 1 hour, at which time you can make another attempt to log in. If you do not remember your password, reference solution number 2 to change your password by answering your challenge question.  If you need to reset your password immediately, reference step 3 to contact the ONE DHHS Help Desk.   

2. If it has been more than 90 days since you've logged into GovTrip or if you have forgotten your password, please reference the steps below:    

You may change/reset your password if you have forgotten your old password. On the GovTrip login page, enter your User Name in the User Name field and click on the "Lost Password" button. You must answer your challenge question correctly in order to change/reset your password (the challenge answer is not case sensitive).  You will then be emailed a temporary password along with instructions on how to log in and create a new permanent password.   

3. If you do not remember your password or challenge question, please contact the One DHHS Help Desk at 1-888-ONE-DHHS

4. How do I book flights in GovTrip?

To book a flight in, please reference the following instructions: 

 Important Note: From the GovTrip home screen, under the "Select Your Agency" drop down menu, ensure that "Health and Human Services" is selected prior to logging into GovTrip. 

1. Once logged into GovTrip, click the Authorization tab
2. To add a flight to an existing document, select the appropriate document from the document list. Be sure that the View/Edit status for the particular document reads "View/Edit". If the status is "View", the document cannot be edited.3. All versions of the travel document will display. Click on the "View/Edit" hyperlink, which should be the top version.4. The "View Only" screen will display. In order to edit the document, uncheck the "View only" checkbox.  
5. Select the Reservations drop down.
6. Select Flights. 
7. Enter the Departure Airport, the Arrival Airport, and the Departure Date and Time.
8. Click the "Search Availability" button.
9. On the results screen, click the Add to Price List button for the flights you want to price.  You may price up to 10 flights.
10. Click the Price Flights button. 
11. From the price flights list, click on the Select button for the flights you want to select.
12. Click the Selected Flights button.
13. From the Save and Book Flights screen, click on Save Selected Flights.
14. From the Booking Status screen, Click the Book Additional Flights Button to book another flight or Proceed to Next Section if you are done booking your flights.

5. How do I cancel an authorization that has been ticketed?

Once a reservation has been ticketed, the authorization (travel order) cannot be cancelled. Please reference the following steps in order to correctly cancel the tickets and create the voucher.

Be sure to contact Omega to cancel the tickets and have the unused tickets refunded. Omega can be reached by phone at (877) 433-1162. Fax: (8660 476-9850. Hours of Operation are Monday - Friday, 7:30 am to 9:00 pm EST.  For after hours emergencies please use the emergency toll free number: (866) 892-0810. Please note that using this number will result in a higher fee.

A voucher will need to be created from the authorization. If you are with CDC or IHS or if your airfare was paid using a Centrally Billed Account (CBA), leave only the tickets and TMC fee on the voucher and sign it. 

If your airfare was paid using a JP Morgan Chase Individually Billed Account (IBA), remove the airfare before you sign the voucher (the ticket price will be refunded to your IBA).

6. What is a pre-audit flag and how do I enter a justification?

During the Pre-Audit phase of the Review/Sign process for a travel document, certain items may be flagged. A flag indicates that an item within your travel document has exceeded travel standards or limitations.

This does not mean that the document cannot be completed. It simply means that justification will need to be provided as to why the travel standard or limit has been exceeded.

To provide justification, on the Pre-Audit Screen a field entitled “Justification to Approving Official” will be listed next to each flagged item. Enter the necessary justification for each flagged item.

Click on the Save and Proceed to Digital Signature button at the bottom of the page.

7. How to add additional expenses to a travel document?

To add an expense to a travel document, please reference the following instructions:

1. Select "Your Official Travel" from the main tool bar.
2. Select "Voucher" or "Local Voucher".
3. Select the "Amend/Edit" link next to the appropriate voucher on the voucher list.
4. Select the "Expenses" tab on the light blue toolbar.
5. Next to Expense Type, select the appropriate expense from the drop down menu. If your specific expense does not exist in the drop down menu, simply type a description in the field beside the “OR” option. Add the cost and click "Save Expenses" button.

8. How do I get a GovTrip user profile?

In order to setup a GovTrip user name and password, a profile must first be created. Please contact your FATA for additional information regarding your GovTrip profile.

If you do not know who your FATA is, please contact the ONE DHHS Help desk at1-888-ONE-DHHS (1-888-663-3447) for additional information.

9. How do I contact the travel payments department?

The travel payment office should only be contacted when a travel order is in the status of "PAYMENT SUBMITTED" for an extended period of time.

PSC and Customers (ACF, AHRQ, AOA, HRSA, OS, OIG, OPHS, PSC, and SAMHSA): (301) 443-3011

For IHS:  Contact your service unit finance office and/or area finance office for any travel payment related questions.

For FDA: (301) 827-ERIC (3742) email:  

For CDC: (404) 639-7500 email:

For CMS: Contact your local FATA.

10. Page cannot be displayed message when going to

TLS stands for “Transport Layer Security” and it is necessary for establishing a secure computer connection. To enable TLS, please reference the following instructions.

1. Open Internet Explorer.
2. Select "Tools" "Internet Options"
3. Select the "Advanced" tab.
4. Scroll down to the header labeled "Security" and check the box next to: “Use TLS 1.0”.
5. Click OK.


GovTrip 2.0 Training Aids

Training Manuals

GovTrip 2.0 training manuals can only be found within the GovTrip application.  You are able to save the manuals to your computer.  To access the GovTrip manuals:

1.  Log in to GovTrip

2.  Click Help and Documentation > Training > Training Manuals