Healthy Living

When you’re shopping for health insurance, beauty products, or other health-related goods, it pays to do some research before you spend any money.

Health Insurance

Discount Plan or Health Insurance?

Medical discount plans are different from health insurance, but scam artists often try to blur the lines.

Medicare Part D Solicitations

Scam artists sometimes pose as a Medicare Part D providers to trick you into giving up your personal information.

Health Products

Buying Health Products and Services Online

These tips can help when you're researching health issues online.

Cell Phone Radiation Scams

Do radiation “shields” limit your exposure to cell phone emissions? 

Dietary Supplements

Supplements marketed as treatments and cures for serious illnesses may be costly in terms of your health — and your wallet.

Beauty Products & Services

Anti-Aging Products

Anti-aging products that claim to have or boost Human Growth Hormone may be fake and unhealthy.

Buying Cosmetic Contact Lenses?

Even purely cosmetic contact lenses require a prescription.

Indoor Tanning

Learn the myths and facts about indoor tanning.