• Kindergarten Becomes Safe Haven

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  • Ari Hishyar Sedeq Hassan’s” Laween” Supermarket offers Dahuk shoppers freshly baked bread in addition to regular grocery store products

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  • Thomas Staal Sworn In as Iraq Mission Director

  • Faris Malik in his expanded Tikrit workshop. Credit: Louis Berger Group

USAID helped Ahmad Alsaabari establish a demonstration feedlot to raise sheep and teach farmers new feeding, monitoring and mark
USAID Fattens Sheep and Wallets Using Modern Methods
Beekeeper Ali Hussain Heremish founded this apiary with support from the USAID-funded Community Action Program, which helps Iraq
Bee Venture Brings Sweet Success
Council of Representative members analyze reports submitted to the Ministry of Finance in the auditing module of the fiscal mana
Iraqi Officials Learn Crucial Skills


Since 2003, USAID has been a major contributor to the United States' reconstruction efforts in Iraq. Collaborating with other U.S. Government agencies, USAID works closely with the Government of Iraq, provincial and local governments, international institutions and a network of partners including non-governmental organizations, local community groups and Iraqi citizens.

USAID has implemented activities designed to strengthen infrastructure, stabilize communities, foster economic and agricultural growth and help the various levels of government better represent and respond to the needs of the Iraqi people.

With the U.S. transition to civilian leadership in Iraq, USAID has continued to help Iraqis use their own resources to build a self-reliant and prosperous country.


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Contact Information

Mission Contact

Thomas Staal, Mission Director
US Embassy Baghdad
DPO AE 09879-0047
+1 202-216-6276. ext. 4679

Headquarters Contact

Sarah-Ann Lynch, Director, Office of Iraq and Arabian Peninsula Affairs
U.S. Agency for International Development
1300 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
(202) 712-4716

Mission Director

Last updated: February 06, 2013

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