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Projects of Interest to Journalists, Legislators, etc.

Addiction and the Brain

Product Developed: The University of Washington School of Nursing, School of Medicine, Department of Pharmacology, College of Education, and Educational Outreach collaborated to produce a three quarter, nine credit distance learning certificate program, Addiction and the Brain.

Target Audience: teachers, school counselors and nurses, educators in the prison system, lawmakers, and members of the judiciary

Goal: The program is designed to provide an interactive learning environment which prepares participants to apply the knowledge they gain about the neurobiology of addiction directly to their work environment. The online courses teach neuroscience concepts necessary to understand the brain's reward system; increase participants' knowledge of the neurobiological mechanism of addiction; and increase participants' ability to implement neuroscience-based resources and curricula about addiction in their areas of practice.

Availability: The program has been institutionalized at the University of Washington School of Nursing and The University of Washington Education Outreach.

Contact: Susanna Cunningham, Ph.D.
University of Washington

Addiction Studies Program for Journalists & State Legislators

Product Developed: Addiction Studies Institute for Journalists - national workshops on topics related to drug abuse designed specifically for journalists; Addiction Studies Institute for Legislators - national workshops on topics related to drug abuse designed especially for state legislators

Target Audience: print, broadcast and electronic media journalists; state legislators

Goal: These grants seek to educate journalists to attain the highest standards of scientific accuracy in reporting about drug abuse and to provide state legislators with the knowledge necessary to make well thought out decisions about substance abuse and its treatment.

Partners: National Families in Action

Contact: David Friedman, Ph.D.
Wake Forest University

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