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Projects of Interest to College and Medical Students

NIDA Enters College: Infusing the Science of Addiction into University Curricula

Product Developed: a neuroscience and biology of drug abuse and addiction curriculum that can be easily infused into existing undergraduate college courses in addiction counseling, criminal justice, nursing and social work

Target Audience: college students and their instructors

Goal: : This grant developed a three-hour science of addiction curriculum that can be infused into addiction counseling, criminal justice, nursing and social work courses and creating a study design that will examine the impact of curriculum infusion and instructor fidelity on student knowledge and attitude, and instructor and student satisfaction.

Contact: Nancy Roget
University of Nevada, Reno

Substance Abuse Education for Medical Students

Product to be Developed: internet tutorial about drug abuse and addiction for use by medical students throughout the country

Target Audience: medical school students and faculty

Goal: : This project will construct a unique state of the art internet-based education program on substance abuse for medical students in the US. Tutorials covering the neurobiology, pathogenesis, epidemiology, diagnosis, clinical course, psychology and treatment of substance abuse for each of the 4 years of medical school are being constructed. Each tutorial will utilize text, tables, figures, animations, movies, a popup glossary and links for additional reading. A central feature of each tutorial will be the use of interactive animations and questions that produce immediate feedback to the student regarding their performance.

Contact: George Heninger, M.D.
Yale University

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