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Best Presentation Awards

Best Oral Presentation Awards

Yan Li, Ph.D., from the Section on Molecular Genetics, Laboratory of Molecular and Development Biology (Chief, Joram Piatigorsky) for her talk entitled “Dicer and microRNAs are essential for development of lens and cornea in mice”

Zhijian Wu, Ph.D., from the Unit on Ocular gene Therapy (Head, Peter Colosi) for his talk entitled “Intravitreal administration of AAV8 RS1 vector to the RS1-KO mouse results in cell type-specific retinoschisin expression and morphological improvement”

Scientific Director’s Awards

Anna Hansen, Ph.D., from the Immunoregulation section (Chief, Rachel Caspi), Laboratory of Immunology, for her public service as a Member of the NIH Immunology Interest Group Steering Committee

James S Friedman, Ph.D., from the Neurobiology-Neurodegeneration and Repair Laboratory (Chief, Anand Swaroop), for his service as leader of the Retinal Disease Interest Group

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