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NEI Intramural Events

Focus on Fellows


Thursday September 6, 2007

Time Session
8:30 Registration
8:45 Welcome Remarks
Dr Sheldon Miller, Scientific Director, NEI
9:00 Maximizing Mentoring Relationships
Dr Sharon Milgram, Director, NIH training program, Office of Intramural Training and Education
10:00 Break
  Oral Presentations
10:30 A second path from eye to cortex: relay neurons in the primate pulvinar
R.A. Berman, R.H. Wurtz, LSR
10:55 Evidence for Notch(2) signaling in lens differentiation
S. Saravanamuthu, CY Gao, PS Zelenka, LMDB
11:20 Methionine sulfoxide reductase A (MSRA) gene is regulated by two promoters.
I. Pascual, I.R. Rodriguez, LRCMB
11:45 Inflammatory Cytokines Inhibited PDGF-C and -D Induced Human RPE Proliferation/Migration
R. Li, A. Maminishkis, F. Wang, T. Banzon, S. Jalickee, S. Miller, OSD
12:10 Clinical and Genetic Study of Ocular von Hippel-Lindau (VHL) Disease
W. Wong, E. Agron, H. Coleman, G. Reed, M. Linehan, J. Peterson, G. Glenn, E. Chew, OGVFB
12:35 Essential role for IL-23 but not for the Th17 effector response in pathogenesis of experimental ocular autoimmunity.
D. Luger, Phyllis Silver, Daniel Cua, Zoe Chen, Yoichiro Iwakura, Edward Bowman, Nicole Sgambellone, Chi-Chao Chan, Rachel Caspi, LI
13:00 Lunch
13:45 Workshop on Visas issues
Amy Powers, Immigration Policy Analyst, and Vivian Weaver, Senior Immigration Specialist, Division of Immigration Services)
J-1 issues
Life after NIH (what are the options)
15:15 Break

Thursday September 6, 2007

Time Session
15:30 Grants workshop (Extramural team)
NEI Funding 101
Lore Anne McNicol PhD.,
Director of Extramural Research, NEI

Postdoc to Independent Investigator : Funding your Research Career
Chyren Hunter PhD.,
Program Director and Training Officer, NEI

Does the Intramural Post Doctoral Training Program Prepare You for a Career as an Independent Investigator in Academics?
Nancy J. Philip, PhD.,
Associate Professor
Department of Pathology, Anatomy, and Cell Biology
Thomas Jefferson University

Introduction to NEI Extramural Programs: Research Highlights
Retina Programs, Andrew Mariani, PhD.
Anterior Segment, Ellen Liberman, PhD.
Neuroscience, Michael Oberdorfer, PhD.
Clinical Research, Donald Everett, MA.
17:00 Meeting adjourned

Friday September 7, 2007

Time Session
8:45 Overview of the NEI fellows population
Dr Sarah Sohraby, Deputy Scientific Director
9:00 Key note lecture : "Gene Sharing, Neutrality and Thoughts on Science and Being a Scientist"
Dr Joram Piatigorsky, Chief, Laboratory of Molecular and Developmental Biology, NEI
10:00 Break
  Oral Presentations
10:20 Intermediate uveitis and retinal pigment epithelial dysfunction following tumor-infiltrating lymphocyte and interleukin-2 immunotherapy for metastatic melanoma S. Yeh, R. Bishop, W. Wong, Z. Li, R. Caruso, G. Levy-Clarke, D. Palmer, N. Restifo, S. Rosenberg, R. Nussenblatt, LI
10:40 Closing the Gap: Novel Participants in Optic Fissure Closure. J. Brown, R Bonner, P Munson, S Loftus, R Alur, F Onojafe, W Chan, B Brooks, OGVFB
11:00 Expression of c-fos in an Experimental CNV model
M. Campos, J. Amaral, J. Tsai, P. Becerra, R. Fariss, OSD
11:20 A PEDF receptor in the retina: Structure-function relationships.
S. Locatelli-Hoops, L. Notari, R. Heredia, S.P. Becerra, LRCMB
11:40 Olfactomedin and myocilin: new roles in normal eye development and pathology.
N. Nakaya, H-S LEE, H-S Kwon, S. Tomarev, LMDB
12:00 A top-down origin of choice-related activity in sensory neurons.
H. Nienborg, Bruce G. Cumming, LSR
12:30 Lunch
13:00 The GRIP and FIRCA programs, Dr Aron Primack, Program Officer
Division of International Training and Research, The Fogarty International Center
13:45 Workshops on Career Training, Patricia M. Sokolove, Ph.D. Deputy Director Office of Intramural Training & Education, NIH
14:15 FELCOM presentation : Bobbie Austin
14:30 General discussion
14:45 Closing remarks and AWARDS Presentation
3:00 Meeting Over

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