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Tips for ARC Search Links

Learn about how to use Archival Research Catalog (ARC) Search Links, refine your search results, bookmark an ARC Search Link, or create your own ARC Search Links.

What Are Search Links?

ARC Search Links Logo

ARC Search Links are Web links that open a new browser window and display ARC Search Results. Each link contains one or more keywords for ARC to search on. An ARC Search Link for a single ARC ID number will display the full details of the individual ARC description.

The ARC Galleries contain highlighted images and ARC Search Links grouped by topics. For example, the ARC Gallery on African Americans has sections on 1) Famous and Notable Individuals and 2) Highlighted Records and Images. Within an ARC Gallery, click on one of the topics to browse some selected ARC descriptions.

Using Search Links

  1. Click on a linked image or linked text to find ARC search results on a particular topic.

    Click on a linked image

  2. ARC Search Results will appear in a new browser window. You can maximize or adjust the size of the new window.

    A new browser window will open with ARC Search Results

  3. Click on any Title link to view a full description.

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