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Planning and Evaluation Documents

Planning the Partnership (1990)

March 1990


Developing and implementing a national health education program depends on many individuals and organizations working together toward a common goal. In 1989, the National Eye Institute (NEI) launched the National Eye Health Education Program (NEHEP), with the goal of increasing awareness among health care professionals and the public of scientifically based health information that can be applied to preserving sight and preventing blindness.

Numerous organizations from both the public and private sectors will be asked to join in partnership with the NEHEP. Working together, these partners will attempt to reach select target audiences, informing them of the importance of early detection and treatment of eye diseases, particularly glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy, and persuading them to make an appropriate change in behavior.

This document, Planning the Partnership, includes the report of a NEHEP Planning Conference held in March 1989. The purposes of the conference were (1) to assemble representatives from the public and private sectors to define and set education and information priorities in glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy, (2) to formulate a set of strategies to meet the education and information needs of identified NEHEP target audiences, and (3) to establish NEI as coordinator and continuing resource for NEHEP. Sixty-five individuals representing 35 organizations participated in the conference.

This report is divided into three parts: Part I provides information on NEI and the development of NEHEP as a timely and logical extension of NEI’s research mission. It describes the four operating principles that are being incorporated into the planning process for the Program. Part II summarizes the proceedings of the NEHEP Planning Conference. It includes information from the conference's plenary sessions on the science base for a national glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy education program, ongoing eye health education programs, the health communication process, and other National Institutes of Health education programs. Summaries of target audience workshops are also presented that include discussions of key segments of the target audiences, information needs, and strategies. Part III is a progress report on Program activities that were begun in response to the conference participants' recommendation.

Planning the Partnership is intended for NEHEP Planning Conference participants and others interested in eye health education. It is the first formal description of the development of NEHEP as it moves toward its ultimate goal: ensuring that the results of eye and vision research are used for the benefit of all Americans.

If you would like to order a complete copy of the historic document, Planning the Partnership, please write to:

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