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Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

State Outreach Plan Guidance

What is the State Outreach Plan Guidance?

State SNAP agencies can receive reimbursement for approximately 50 percent of their administrative costs for outreach to low-income people. States can develop an outreach plan at their option. Community and faith-based organization may serve as contractors under the State outreach plan or the State may conduct the work “in-house.”

The Outreach Plan Guidance:

Explains how an outreach plan can be a valuable tool;
Provides policy to guide as decisions about the outreach plan;
Provides a template to develop and present an outreach plan;
Provides tools for a final report, reporting promising practices, and requesting a waiver.

Why should a State Develop an Outreach Plan?

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is the cornerstone of the Nation’s nutrition safety net and an investment in our future. The FSP offers the opportunity for improved nutrition and progress toward economic self-sufficiency for participants. Even a small increase in SNAP participation can have a substantial economic impact since every $5 in new SNAP benefits generates $9.20 in additional community spending.

The process of developing a State outreach plan helps structure outreach activities in a logical way and targets them to where they are needed most. An outreach plan can serve as a public demonstration of the State’s commitment to improving the nutrition and health of low income people. Development of an outreach plan can lead to partnerships with clearly defined strategies to further goals to raise awareness of nutrition assistance and the benefits of the FSP. State Outreach Plans lead to further collection of promising practices and lessons learned.

How does the Guidance Help States?

FNS strives to make the outreach plan development and submission process as straightforward as possible for State agencies and to provide technical assistance in plan development as needed.

In the guidance, policy information is provided in a simple question and answer format. The table of contents is detailed so that information can easily be located. In addition, outreach policy is consolidated so that State agencies no longer need to refer to multiple documents. Updates to the guidance will be made by policy memo which will be posted below.

To simplify the outreach plan development process for State agencies, an electronic template is provided. State agencies can use the template as a workbook and complete each part sequentially. When the template is complete, State agencies will have an outreach plan that includes all the elements needed for review and is ready for submission to the FNS regional offices. (Use of the templates is optional.)

State Outreach Plan Guidance

Guidance (.pdf)
Complete Template Sections 1-9 (.doc)
      Template Section 1: Cover Page and Signatures
    Template Section 2: Statement of Need (.doc)
    Template Section 3: Outreach Plan Summaries (.doc)
    Template Section 4: Outreach Project Details (.doc)
    Template Section 5: Outreach Project Staffing Details
    Template Section 6: Outreach Project Budget Detail (.xls)
    Template Section 7: Budget Summary
    Template Section 8: Assurances (.doc)
    Template Section 9: Attachments (.doc)
Final Report Format (.doc)
Time and Effort Report Format (.doc)
Waiver Request Format (.doc)
Webinar: Feeding America Leveraging Partnerships to Fund SNAP Outreach  
    -- Leveraging Partnerships to Fund Eligibility Benefit Workers Document
  -- Leveraging Partnerships for SNAP Outreach Document
  -- FNS SNAP Resources
  -- State Outreach Plan Template
  -- States with Outreach Plans
  -- Example - State/Food Bank MOU
  -- Presenter Bios

Policy Memorandums Pertaining to SNAP Outreach

Following are FNS policy memorandums that apply to SNAP outreach. New policy memos will be posted here as they are issued.

Outreach Plan Activities
Addresses issue of whether optional State outreach plans may include activities related to access and retention of current participants in addition to outreach and education directed to non-participating persons. June 2006
Nutrition Education Materials Allowable Cost
Clarifies and reemphasizes what constitutes reasonable and necessary nutrition education materials costs associated with delivery of SNAP Nutrition Education. This memo applies to outreach as well. May 2006
Calculations for Space in Government Owned Buildings
Provides a standard costs calculation that may be used in lieu of actual depreciation cost data to charge the cost of government owned space by Food and Nutrition Service grantees. April 2006
Nutrition Education and Outreach Allowable Cost Issue
Clarifies what constitutes reasonable and necessary salary costs associated with the delivery of nutrition education and outreach. September 2004.

Last modified: 04/11/2012