New citizen holding a U.S. flag Naturalization is an important milestone in the path toward U.S. citizenship. The decision to apply for citizenship is a very personal one. To help you prepare, USCIS has developed a variety of educational resources. In this section, you will find information on eligibility and testing, the application process, and study materials. You can also learn more about citizenship rights and responsibilities and find a free information session in your area. To get started, explore the links below.

Should I Consider U.S. Citizenship?

Learn about the reasons to consider U.S. citizenship.

Learn About Naturalization

Understand the process of becoming a U.S. citizen.

Apply for Citizenship

Identify the steps needed to apply for citizenship.

Study for the Test

Prepare for the naturalization interview and test.

Find Help in Your Community

Find an English and/or citizenship class, legal assistance, and USCIS-funded programs in your area.

Free Information Sessions

Find a free naturalization information session in your area.

Find a Citizenship Class

Use your zip code to find a citizenship program.

Citizenship Rights and Responsibilities

Learn about citizenship rights and responsibilities.

Recursos para la naturalización

Find a list of USCIS resources in Spanish about the naturalization process.

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