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At NCFY, we get dozens of e-newsletters from youth-serving organizations, think tanks, youth advocacy groups, and our partners in the federal government. One newsletter that stands out is Spectrum News, the monthly missive from Spectrum Youth and Family Services, in Burlington, VT.
With National Runaway Prevention Month and the holiday season -- both great times to try to get attention from the press for the work you are doing -- coming up, we thought we'd reprint this NCFY article about interacting with members of the media.
Plans to open a new drop-in center for homeless youth in the picturesque waterside town of Poulsbo, WA, have brought concerns and criticism from some citizens and enthusiastic support from others. We spoke with Dave Frederick, executive director of The Coffee Oasis, the youth-serving group that will operate the center.
There’s a hot new deal out there for charities looking to raise money for specific projects. And several youth-serving agencies have been among the first to snap it up.
An elevator speech -- a short pitch about what your organization does and why you do it -- is a great way to promote your work to potential donors, volunteers, clients and collaborators. Last year, NCFY asked about a half dozen youth workers to share their elevator speeches. Watch them for ideas about how to make your own pitch. NCFY Asks: What's Your Elevator Speech?
A series of pieces by CBS News can help runaway and homeless youth programs show their communities the real faces—and real impact—of homelessness, and the ways that public schools and community leaders can be part of the solution.
When Dennis Lundberg, who helps direct Yellow Brick Road Street Outreach in Portland, OR, started a blog for his program, he had one simple goal: connect with the increasingly online-savvy homeless youth population in his city. Five years later, the blog has grown to include everything from photos of nightly outreach efforts, links to relevant research and new job opportunities for youth.
Summer proposal season is upon us, and funders want to know: Does your program save money?  The United States Interagency Council on Homelessness has launched a new web site which helps programs show funders that ending homelessness is not only right, it's cost effective too. It features a study of supportive housing programs and other evidence-based strategies, breaking down the savings...
Homeless youth can cost taxpayers millions of dollars each year as they cycle in and out of the juvenile justice system, emergency rooms, foster care and schools. New Avenues for Youth, a service provider in Portland, OR, recently published a cost/benefit analysis of their homeless youth services that could serve as a useful model for other agencies. The report provides cost figures and...
NCFY is pleased to announce that we are adding video to the menu of products we offer to help you serve young people and families as effectively as possible. In our first series, "What's Your Elevator Speech?", we asked youth workers to give us their best pitches telling viewers what their organization does to help youth--and why viewers should support it.
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