Centers Information Processing System (CIPS)


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Federal agencies can request the return of their records, excluding official personnel folders and employee medical folders, from Regional Records Services facilities and from the Washington National Records Center (WNRC), Suitland, Maryland, via the World Wide Web or dial-out modem, using NARA's Centers Information Processing System (CIPS). Records are normally mailed within 24 hours of receipt of an agency's request. Overnight service, at agency expense, can be arranged. This service is not available to the public.

Accessing CIPS

  1. Federal agencies may secure a user ID and password from their CIPS administrator. Please read the rules for creating and changing passwords.
  2. Set up a computer for modem access and request the return of records according to the instructions contained in the CIPS Users Manual.
  3. Use a current web browser to follow a link to instructions for the web version of the CIPS system and to request records from storage at NARA Records Centers.

User IDs and Passwords

A user ID and password must be issued to each user before CIPS can be accessed. To register users, send a request to the CIPS administrator at the appropriate regional records services facility or the WNRC.

CIPS Administrators

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