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Portfolio Management

Capital Planning and Investment Control (CPIC)

Capital Planning and Investment Control (CPIC) is a structured, integrated approach to managing information technology (IT) investments. It is the primary process for making investment decisions, assessing investment process effectiveness, and refining investment related policies and procedures. It ensures that all IT investments align with the agency’s mission and support business needs while minimizing risks and maximizing returns through the investment’s lifecycle.

CPIC is mandated by the Clinger-Cohen Act which requires government agencies to use a disciplined process to acquire, use, maintain and dispose of information technology (IT). CPIC relies on a systematic approach to IT investment and portfolio management in three distinct phases: Select, Control and On-Going Evaluation, to ensure each investment’s objectives support the business and mission needs of the Agency. 

DOI’s IT Investment Portfolio is viewable on the federal IT Dashboard

IT Governance

IT Governance and Portfolio Management Reform efforts are underway

Interior has two main goals in undertaking IT Governance reforms:

  • Align IT investments tightly with business and mission outcomes
  • Create a collaborative and transparent portfolio management process that drives stakeholder accountability

Action plan for achieving IT Governance and portfolio management reforms:

  • Engage business leaders to evaluate IT portfolio categorized by business lines over the coming year and deliver initial business line roadmaps
  • Conduct iStat investment performance reviews on all major investments 
  • Improve portfolio management processes to achieve expected business value

What is iStat?The DOI iStat Process was instituted in July 2010 and is modeled after the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) TechStat review process. The purpose of this integrated portfolio management and governance process is to bring rigor and thoroughness to the Department’s investment management and review functions. The iStat initiative has been developed to improve the performance and accountability of IT investments by providing a comprehensive Departmental review of IT investment.  iStat not only provides a means to comply with OMB requirements, but also allows the Department to effectively identify and correct performance issues to ensure DOI's IT dollars are deriving the intended results.

iStat ProcessThe iStat process integrates the iStat Performance Review Board with the iStat Executive Committee (IEC), two key bodies of Interior’s information technology (IT) governance process. The purpose of the iStat Performance Review Board is to assess the investment for performance; to determine compliance to Federal regulations and standards; and to recommend appropriate corrective actions that mitigate risks. The Performance Review Board prepares the IT assessment and recommendations that are elevated to the IEC.  Since the launch of the iStat process, accomplishments to date include: terminating two projects yielding $50.5M in cost avoidance, and issuing recommendations for significant structural reforms for other investments.