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These two men were located in two offices, approximately fifty feet apart, in the Long Lines Building at 32 Sixth Ave, New York City, but the telephone circuit stretched approximately 23,000 miles around the world.
    "We shall honor him in the best way that lies open to us - and in the way he would want it to be - by getting on with the everlasting search for peace and justice for which all mankind is praying."
      Admiral Chester W. Nimitz, address urging more Americans to take jobs in shipyards and to buy more war bonds.
        Interview of Colonel Albert Trakowski, USAF (Ret), project officer for USAF Project Mogul from Watson Laboratories in 1947 stationed at Roswell AFB, New Mexico.
          "One small step for man; one giant leap for mankind."
            Discussion between the Apollo 13 crew and Houston after an explosion, resulting from a problem with an oxygen tank.
              A documentary of the new battle cry in the Civil Rights movement in America.
                Jennings Randolph, Congressman from West Virginia, and chairman of the House District Committee, congratulating the French people on the liberation of Paris.
                  Corp. John F. Barctek relating the rescue of himself, Capt. Eddie Rickenbacker, and other crewmembers of a Flying Fortress after they had drifted for 22 days on a raft in the Pacific.
                    Coverage of Malcolm X Observance
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