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FOIA Reference Guide, revised January 2010

The Department of Justice Freedom of Information Act Reference Guide (Reference Guide) provides guidance for making Freedom of Information Act requests to the Department of Justice. Much of the information provided by the Reference Guide can also be found elsewhere on the Department’s website, and is also presented in a question and answer format on the Make a FOIA Request to DOJ page of our site. However, the Reference Guide consolidates that information into one discrete document, allowing for easier access and distribution of this material.

I. Introduction

II. Access to Certain Records Without a FOIA Request

III. Where to Make a FOIA Request

IV. How to Make a FOIA Request

V. Response Times

VI. Expedited Processing

VII. Fees

VIII. Fee Waivers

IX. Initial Request Determinations

X. Administrative Appeals

XI. Resolving Disputes

XII. Other Reference Materials

Attachment A: Listing of FOIA contacts at all federal agencies

Attachment B: Descriptions of DOJ components and related information, including contact information for FOIA Requester Service Centers and FOIA Public Liaisons

Attachment C: Descriptions of major information systems

Attachment D: Copy of Form DOJ-361(Certification of Identity)

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To access DOJ documents that are posted online by OIP, please visit the FOIA Library.
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