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Tax Information for Plan Sponsor/Employer

Small Business Retirement Plan Resources
Why start a plan, choosing a plan, and what to do once your plan is in place.

Retirement Plans for Self-Employed People
Did you know you have many of the same retirement plan options as bigger companies?

Types of Retirement Plans
Starting and maintaining specific types of plans.

Have You Had Your Retirement Plan Check-Up This Year?
Three-step approach designed to help business owners properly operate their IRA-based retirement plans.

Correcting Plan Errors
Use the Employee Plans Compliance Resolution System to correct and avoid plan errors

Retirement Plan Audits
Information on preparing for a retirement plan audit.

Retirement News for Employers
Practical retirement plan information for plan sponsors.

Additional Resources for the Plan Sponsor/Employer
Forms and publications, FAQs, customer account services, related government links, and an overview of the Employee Plans Office.

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