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FOIA Annual Report v1.03

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Represents an agency's FOIA Annual Report for a fiscal year.

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Represents an agency's FOIA Annual Report for a fiscal year. An updated version has been uploaded here, which addresses MS Excel 2010 compatibility issues. This IEPD may still be used, however, with MS Excel versions prior to 2010.

These are the artifacts that belong to this IEPD
Artifacts (grayed files are not visible to other users)

  • Methodology and Tools: tools/FoiaAnnualReport-v1.1.xlt
  • Documentation: documentation/FOIA Annual Report IEPD-rev2.doc
  • Sample XML Instance: exchange_files/sample/2009_DOJ.xml
  • Subset Schema: exchange_files/schema/Subset/
  • Change Log: documentation/FoiaAnnualReportModificationLog.rtf
  • Exchange Schema: exchange_files/schema/exchange/FoiaAnnualReport.xsd
  • Methodology and Tools: tools/FoiaRibbonOverride-v2.xlam
  • Methodology and Tools: tools/FOIA Template Modification Log.rtf
  • NIEM Mapping: documentation/FoiaAnnualReportStructure-1.03.xls
  • Wantlist: exchange_files/wantlist/wantlist.xml
  • Extension Schema: exchange_files/schema/extension/FoiaAnnualReportExtensions.xsd

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Publishing and exchange of federal agency FOIA annual reports

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3 -- In Production

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U S Department of Justice

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Harrell Watkins



(202) 514-0281