Quit Tobacco—Make Everyone Proud

GASPO 2013 Tran2Quit Tobacco Cessation Program TRICARE®’s Smoking QuitLine Electronic Cigarettes—Plug into the Facts
GASPO 2013
Tran2Quit Tobacco Cessation Program
TRICARE®’s Smoking QuitLine
Electronic Cigarettes—Plug into the Facts

24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Chat Online

TRICARE® eligible beneficiaries and VA enrollees can chat online at anytime. Contact an expert coach to get answers about quitting tobacco. Chat Live Now!



TRICARE Beneficiaries (who are not Medicare eligible) call TRICARE® Smoking Quitline:

  • North Region: 866-459-8766
  • South Region: 877-414-9949
  • West Region: 866-244-6870

Veterans Enrolled in the VA Health Care System:



View or download public service announcements, testimonials, animations, and more.

Print Materials

Print Materials

Download, customize, and print Quit Tobacco—Make Everyone Proud materials for your installation. Select from table tents, wallet cards, posters, and more.

Order Materials

Order Materials

Free tobacco cessation materials for health care professionals in bulk! Select from posters, window clings, scratch and sniff postcards, promotional items and more.

Materials By Branch

Materials By Branch

Custom-make Quit Tobacco—Make Everyone Proud campaign materials for your branch of the military.

Quitting is Hard: Tools to Help You Quit


Research shows that you are twice as likely to succeed in your attempt to quit using tobacco if you participate in a tobacco cessation program that includes support. Train2Quit is that program!

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Addiction Quiz

Is smoking just a habit or are you addicted? Take this test and find out your level of dependence on nicotine.

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Quit Plan

Create your own quit plan to quit smoking and chewing tobacco in four easy steps.

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Forget about a smoke break, how about a game break? Check out these cool interactive games the next time you get that urge to smoke or chew tobacco.

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Savings Calculator

Do you know what tobacco costs? Use our quit calculator to add up the money you'll be saving when you quit tobacco.

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Help Locator

Quitting smoking or chewing tobacco isn’t easy. Find a program at your local installation to help you stop smoking or chewing tobacco.

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VA Veterans

Now Veterans enrolled in the VA Health Care System can use Quit Tobacco—Make Everyone Proud as a resource to help them with quitting tobacco use for good. Learn more about increasing your chances for success. For information, please click here.


Find out the effects of smoking and chewing, the benefits of quitting, and helpful strategies to stay quit. Learn to fight cravings, make healthy choices, and strengthen your commitment to living tobacco free.

Celebrate the Great American Spit Out (GASpO)

Commit to staying tobacco-free for 24 hours.
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Air Force Moves to Reduce Tobacco Use

The Air Force is adding to a trend of stronger military policies on tobacco. Highlights include tobacco-free military treatment facilities, updated tobacco rules for all Air Force installations and training programs, and new support to prevent and reduce tobacco use.
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Electronic Cigarettes: What’s the Harm in Vapor?

The vapor produced by e-cigarettes was found to cause a case of lipoid pneumonia. A study also pointed to the source of the e-cigarettes’ visible vapor as a possible source of restricted lung function. E-cig vapor has drawn little attention but fans of e-cigs often claim that it is harmless.
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Navy Boosts Efforts to Cut Tobacco Use

The Navy will no longer subsidize the price of cigarettes and other tobacco products sold at base commissaries and exchanges. Smoking cessation materials will be available to all Navy and Marine Corps personnel at no cost. This is a big step toward a clear and consistent stance on tobacco cessation in the military.Read More.