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Contact Information for Federal Agency Appraisal and Scheduling Teams

Below you will find lists of NARA contacts for your agency

Federal Agency Appraisal and Scheduling Teams

  • Appraisal Team 1 - Department of Justice, Treasury, Judicial agencies, and General Services Administration among others.

  • Appraisal Team 2 - Agencies in the Executive Office of the President (EOP) that create Federal records, the Foreign Relations agencies, the National Intelligence agencies, and the permanent commissions, among others.

  • Appraisal Team 3 - Agriculture, Commerce, Education, Interior and Health and Human Services among others.

  • Appraisal Team 4 - Defense, Labor, Energy, Veterans Affairs, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Coast Guard and Office of Personnel Mgmt among others.

  • Regionalized Agencies - Agencies headquartered outside the Washington, DC Area.

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