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Video Navigating the Health Care Video Advice Columns from Dr. Clancy
Video Creating a Personal Medical Record (Flash® video, 4 min. 44 sec.; 20 MB) (Plugin Software Help.)
Video Questions Are the Answer (Web Site With Videos)
Video Smoking Cessation, with NFL Hall of Famer Darrell Green (4 Videos, Flash®)
Video Take Charge, with Fran Drescher, Actress and Cancer Survivor (2 Videos)
Video Medication Safety: Take an Active Role in Your Health Care (Video, Flash®)
Video Be a Champion for Your Loved Ones, with Dr. Debi Thomas (2 Videos)

Audio Podcasts

Podcast Comparing Antidepressant Medicines (Podcast Download; Transcript)
Podcast After a Diagnosis: The Next Steps (Podcast Download; Transcript)
Podcast Choosing a Doctor (Podcast Download; Transcript)
Podcast Radiofrequency Ablation—New AHRQ Guide (Podcast Download; Transcript)
Podcast Comparing Hospitals Online (Podcast Download; Transcript)
Podcast Lowering High Cholesterol (Podcast Download; Transcript)
Podcast Create a Pill Card (Podcast Download; Transcript)
Podcast Making End-Of-Life Treatment Decisions (Podcast Download; Transcript)
Podcast Making Hospital Discharges Safer for Seniors (Podcast Download; Transcript)
Podcast Consumer Guide Compares Type 2 Diabetes Treatments (Podcast Download; Transcript)
Podcast Toolkit Helps Reduce Medication Errors in Hospitals (Podcast Download; Transcript)
Podcast Choosing Long-term Care (Podcast Download; Transcript)
Podcast Peanut Safety (Podcast Download; Transcript)
Podcast Keeping Healthy When the Economy is Not (Podcast Download; Transcript)
Podcast How to Ensure High Quality Health Care (Podcast Download; Transcript)
Podcast How To Deal With a Difficult Diagnosis (Podcast Download; Transcript)

All AHRQ Audio & Video

Coordinating Your Care with a Medical Home
Your Guide to Preventing and Treating Blood Clots Know when to get treatment
Treating Tobacco Use & Dependence Pathfinder page to resources
Advice for Consumers: Navigating the Health Care System
Advice from Dr. Carolyn Clancy
Dr. Carolyn M. Clancy, Director, AHRQ
Video Advice Columns from Dr. Clancy

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Questions Are The Answer
The top 10 questions to ask your doctor.

Explore Your Treatment Options
Explore your options. Find the right treatment for you.

Healthy Men
The preventive tests every man should have.

Conozca las preguntas
Las preguntas mas importantes para hacerle a tu medico.

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