NIDA for Teens: The Science Behind Drug Abuse
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  • Parietal lobe: One of the four subdivisions of the cerebral cortex; it is involved in sensory processes, attention, and language. [5]
  • Physical dependence: An adaptive physiological state that occurs with regular drug use and results in a withdrawal syndrome when drug use is stopped; usually occurs with tolerance. [3]
  • Polyneuropathy: Permanent change or malfunction of nerves. Sudden sniffing death - A type of death that can occur when inhaled fumes fill up the cells in the lungs with poisonous chemicals, leaving no room for the oxygen needed to breathe. This lack of oxygen can lead to suffocation, respiratory failure, and death. [9]
  • Polyneuropathy: A drug that distorts perception, thought, and feeling. This term is typically used to refer to drugs with actions like those of LSD. [5]
  • Psychoactive: Having a specific effect on the mind. [1]
  • Psychoactive drug: A drug that changes the way the brain works. [5]
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