Recent FTC Cases Resulting in Refunds

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CaseDateLinksContact Info
Real Wealth, Inc.February 2013

FTC Returns More than $685,000 to Victims of “Real Wealth” Work-at-Home and Grant Scam

1-888-519-6918, Contractor: Rust Consulting, Inc.
Iovate Health Sciences Inc.February 2013

Iovate Refunds

FTC to Consumers: You May be Due a Refund for Dietary Supplements

1-877-576-9978, Contractor: Rust Consulting, Inc.
Dynamic FinancialFebruary 2013FTC Sends Refunds from Scheme That Allegedly Sold Bogus Plans to Lower Credit Card Interest Rate1-888-211-7714, Contractor: Gilardi & Co., LLC

Ab Circle Pro

February 2013

Ab Circle Pro Refunds

Marketers of 'Ab Circle Pro' Device to Pay as Much as $25 Million in Refunds to Settle FTC Charges

1-866-402-4752, Contractor: BMC Group

National Urological Group, Inc.February 2013FTC Refunds $6 Million to Consumers Who Bought Deceptively Advertised Supplements that Were Supposed to Cause Weight Loss and Treat Erectile Dysfunction1-877-483-2883, Contractor: Epiq Systems
Luebke Baker & AssociatesFebruary 2013FTC Returns Just Over $11,000 to Consumers Who Were Allegedly Charged an Illegal Advance Fee for a Credit Repair Product

1-866-332-8795, Contractor: BMC Group

Platinum Trust Card (Apogee One EnterprisesJanuary 2013FTC Sends $7.4 Million in Refunds to Consumers Harmed by Scheme That Sold Allegedly Bogus 'Platinum' Credit Card

1-877-282-8781, Contractor: Gilardi & Co., LLC

Google Money TreeJanuary 2013FTC Returns $2.4 Million to Consumer Victims in Bogus Scheme to Sell Ads on Google1-877-226-2847, Contractor: Gilardi & Co. LLC
Innovative Marketing (Winsoftware)January 2013FTC to Provide Refunds to Victims of Bogus Scareware Scam1-877-853-3541, Contractor: Epiq Systems, Inc.
American Entertainment DistributorsDecember
FTC Returns $2.9 Million to Consumer Victims in DVD Vending Scam1-866-271-9147, Contractor: Gilardi & Co., LLC
First Universal LendingDecember 2012FTC Sends Refunds to Consumers Allegedly Deceived by First Universal Lending Mortgage Loan Modification Scheme

1-888-251-6825, Contractor: Gilardi & Co., LLC

National Awards Service Advisory, LLC (Prize Information Bureau)December 2012FTC Sends Refunds to Consumers Who Paid to Collect Bogus Prize Money, Tricked by Scammers Posing as Government Agencies

1-888-251-6826, Contractor: Gilardi & Co., LLC

Abili-StaffDecember 2012FTC Sends Refunds to Consumers Lured by Work-At-Home Scam1-877-868-7790, Contractor: Epiq Systems, Inc.
Ever Private CardDecember 2012FTC Returns Almost $2 Million to Payday Loan Applicants Who Were Tricked into Buying Prepaid Debit Cards1-877-853-3394, Contractor: Epiq Systems
National Foreclosure ReliefDecember
FTC Announces Series of Actions Against Mortgage Relief Operations Charged with Deceiving Distressed Homeowners1-877-363-2093, Contractor: Gilardi & Co. LLC
Dinamica FinancieraNovember

FTC Begins Refund Process for Consumers Harmed by Mortgage Foreclosure 'Rescue' Scheme

1-877-281-5622, Contractor: Gilardi & Co., LLC

Walgreens Co.November
Walgreens Refunds

FTC Tells Consumers They May Be Due a Refund If They Purchased Walgreens' "Wal-Born" Cold and Flu Supplements

1-800-598-3025, Contractor: Rust Consulting, Inc.

Home Loans, Inc.
FTC Returns Nearly $108 Million to 450,000 Homeowners Overcharged by Countrywide for Loan Servicing Fees

1-888-230-3196, Contractor: Gilardi & Co., LLC

United States BenefitsOctober 2012FTC, Tennessee Attorney General Permanently Halt Medical Discount Scheme1-877-226-2847, Contractor: Gilardi & Co. LLC
Sure Touch Long DistanceSeptember
FTC Sends Refunds to Victims of “Free Product” Telemarketing Scheme1-877-841-8156, Contractor: Epiq Systems, Inc.
Economic Relief Technologies, LLCSeptember
FTC Sends Refunds to Victims of Robocall Credit Card Interest Rate Reduction Scheme1-866-224-5404, Contractor: BMC Group
CVS Caremark CorporationSeptember
FTC to Return Money to Victims of Deceptive Drug Price Claims by CVS Caremark1-888-773-8392, Contractor: Rust Consulting, Inc.

NBTY, Inc.


NBTY Refunds

FTC Tells Consumers They May Be Due a Refund If They Purchased Disney- or Marvel Hero-themed Children’s Vitamins

1-866-224-4336, Contractor: BMC Group

John StefanchikAugust
FTC Sends Refunds to Consumers Lured by Money-Making Scam

1-888-768-2051, Contractor: BMC Group

Reebok International LtdAugust

Reebok Class Action

Refunds Stemming From Reebok's Settlement With FTC Mailed to Consumers Who Bought EasyTone and RunTone Shoes and EasyTone Apparel

1-888-398-5389, Contractor: Rust Consulting, Inc.

Oreck CorporationMay
Consumers Who Bought Two Oreck Products Will Receive FTC Refunds1-877-772-6154
Contractor: Epiq Systems


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