sex trafficking

"The Role of Youth Problem Behaviors in the Path From Child Abuse and Neglect to Prostitution: A Prospective Examination" (abstract). Journal of Research on Adolescence, Vol. 20 No. 1, March 2010.
He told her he loved her. He told her he’d give her a job at his recording studio. She was 16, jobless, and living with a friend, so she believed him. She never expected what would happen next: He took her to his house in New Jersey, where she was forced to prostitute herself along with ten other young women.
Q. "I've been hearing a lot about the commercial sexual exploitation of runaway and homeless youth in my state. How many youth are trafficked in the United States each year?"
A young woman talks about how she became a victim of sex trafficking at age 17, how she was able to exit "the life," and the people who aided her recovery. Time: 8:49 | Size: 5.8 MB | Transcript  
When Tina was 14, she was forced to work the streets by an older “boyfriend.” In testimony to a congressional subcommittee, Tina, now a street outreach coordinator for an anti-human-trafficking organization, detailed the beatings and emotional trauma she suffered at the hands of the man who initially won her over with love and attention before humiliating her and forcing her and three...
Every day, approximately 1.3 million runaway, thrownaway, and homeless youth live on the streets of America. Children, both boys and girls, are solicited for sex, on average, within 72 hours of being on the street. Approximately 55 percent of street girls engage in formal prostitution; 75 percent of those work for a pimp. About one in five of these children becomes entangled in nationally...
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