Clip art of a camera.FYSB'S Transitional Living Program for Older Homeless Youth

Purpose: Provides shelter, skills training, and support services to homeless youth ages 16 to 21 for up to 18 months (with an additional 180 days allowed for youth younger than 18).

Eligible Applicants:

  • Public agencies-any State, unit of local government, Indian Tribe or Tribal organization, or combination of such units

  • Private nonprofit agencies, including community- and faith-based organizations

Services Provided by the Grantee:

Must include, but are not limited to

  • Safe, stable living accommodations

  • Services to develop skills and personal characteristics needed for independent living

  • Substance abuse education and counseling

  • Referrals and access to medical and mental health treatment

  • Employment assistance

  • Education assistance

  • Services for pregnant and parenting youth

Funding: A maximum of $1 million ($200,000 per year) for a 5-year project; grantees must provide a non-Federal match of at least 10 percent of the Federal funds awarded.

Duration: Up to 5 years

FY 2004 Funding:

  • Total funding appropriated in FY 2004: $40.3 million

  • Total grants: 185

  • New starts: 36 ($7.2 million)

  • Continuation grants: 149 ($29.4 million)

Training and Technical Assistance: Ten organizations receive funding from FYSB to assist youth service agencies that have Basic Center, Transitional Living, or Street Outreach grants from the bureau. One organization serves FYSB-funded projects in each of the 10 U.S. Department of Health and Human Services regions. Go to to find contact information for the training and technical assistance provider in your region.

Information: Go to for more information on the Transitional Living Program and FYSB's other efforts to assist youth-serving agencies.

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